I wish I had what it takes to be quiet. I mean, silent. The kind that truly don’t care about voicing their concerns or the ways in which they see the world. But that, quite honestly, isn’t me. And in fact, if the truth be told, that first statement was a lie. I don’t wish I could be quiet. I don’t even understand it. How can I? How could I? I’ve spent my whole life talking. And I really don’t have any plans to shut up. And WiFi without two sets of sticky little fingers, unlimited and at my disposal, as I have have experienced this past week or two, coupled with my laptop — wow. Means keystrokes. No cell phones. And unlimited talking, or writing, rather, which could be dangerous. Very dangerous. But just like everything else in my life, danger is usually the predicament bestowed upon me, roughly 13 seconds before I get really freaking good.

And what a past few weeks to get dangerous.  We’ve had almost Homeland Security shutdown.  Those well discussed secret Israeli Prime Minister meetings, in which the Congressional children ask him to come to our nation’s capitol and speak, to “Nah Nah Na Boo Boo!” our leader. Which he made good on this week.  There’s always ISIS.  Hillary emails.  Brought to you by the fresh new ‘Check Out This Scandal’ people who’ve spent the last two years telling us that Obama was spying on us in our Angry Birds. Hillary used the wrong email? What does it matter? Isn’t the National Security Administration reading them anyway, birthers? The political course of this nation is sad and insane. And yet, I continuously want to join it and/or converse about it. So what, one must ask, does that make me?

I cannot begin to describe what it feels like to watch, everyday, for six years, people that you love and that you care about, become someone that you want to punch in the face. Sadly, once someone reveals themselves to you, as Dr Phil says, you must believe them. And there are things that you can never unlearn. And I hate that.


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