Dump Trump.

Warning: Trump rage follows.

So, when I look at trending topics on Facebook it always pulls up people on my friends list’s posts first.  Y’all know that I intentionally quit reading the news feed because I cannot stand the rants of people that have no idea what they’re talking about but seem to be so passionate about political causes, which solely include attacking the President on a daily basis which is the most disgraceful action an American can take,  as they continuously pass along their propagated, fabricated disinformation and I find It nauseating. Calling the leader of the free world Obummer or Odumba, truly,  just makes me want to punch you in the face.

Anyhow,  that was how I saw some Stephen Colbert/ Donald Trump rant from someone I’m struggling to place — complete with 14 supportive “likes” — who was mad that Stephen Colbert was poking holes in Donald Trump’s credibility. But the line that got me was how Donald Trump is the only one,  basically, that seems to care about the American people.  And that people sit around spitting out kids and not working, other extremely stereotypical statements about people that may receive government assistance,  and how Donald Trump cares about American workers.

Cut the shit, people. And here’s how I know it’s shit. Donald Trump insults Mexicans,  he insults Muslims, he says racist bullshit that you agree with, and you try to find some way to rationalize your support of him by saying shit like that.  Why do I know that?  This:  Donald Trump’s money.

Let’s take a look at that.  With the resources at his disposal, name one thing you can tell me that Donald Trump has ever done for the American people. One thing to show you that “he cares about everyday Americans” besides saying the racist shit you wish you could get away with saying. Donald Trump’s insane wealth and the resources he has, what Bill Gates like examples can you give me that Trump has done to show that he cares about humanity?  Donald Trump’s charitable donations, which are done to avoid paying taxes by the way,  are most frequently given to politicians.  Why politicians?  For the reason that he says. When Donald Trump wants to build a new building in a city and he needs help with zoning or codes,  those political donations come back to benefit him. So even Donald Trump’s donations are about Donald Trump. He may freely give some charitable donations, but it’s usually because he’s going to take  punitive tax penalties. He gives to politicians because he can get something out of it.  Do you think he’s actually going to change a system that he benefits from,  by the way?  He wouldn’t change money in politics, as he says,  because if he did,  he wouldn’t even be where he’s at.

With Donald Trump’s money,  if he actually cared about American workers,  do you know the programs he could implement to have helped them already? Clearly,  even Donald Trump’s financial donations are about Donald Trump.

Cut the shit, people, is my request. Stop lying.  Just, STOP!

Usually these pro-Trump tirades, complete with insults to people that you think don’t work as hard as you do, are followed by comments that say “I don’t usually speak on these issues” or “I don’t normally discuss politics” and that’s  because they don’t know anything about these issues. I have spent my life studying them,  went to college to study them — although I’m quick to say I didn’t finish — and I get that people aren’t  interested in these things the same ways that I am, and that they won’t always agree with me, and that we will always have a different view point on a lot of issues. I prefer diplomatic solution to bombing the shit, unnecessarily,  out of places. I prefer helping the homeless to criticizing them. I think we are all only Americans by the grace of God and the acts of our ancestors and that as such,  we should be respectful in our approaches to those who are currently seeking the American dream. And I’m fully aware that in the South,  people are not always going to agree with my view the education and love and diplomacy is the best route. And they are certainly not going to agree with my passionate view that black people are just as good as white people and white people need to speak the hell up.

That established,  cut the pro-Trump shit. It’s an illusion and it’s about bigotry. Stop pretending that you think the man is qualified to be commander in chief of the most powerful military forces on the planet, just acknowledge that you like his meanness and the way he bullies people,  and we can get on with our lives.  The reason these self-described mutes in the political arena people are suddenly possessed to speak up about a subject they know nothing about is because they like what Donald Trump says when he belittles people.  But don’t pretend other than saying racist bullshit that Donald Trump has ever done one thing — one act of philanthropy — in the slightest to make you think that he cares about anybody whose last name is not Trump. And even then, when your last name is Trump,  Marla Maples,  he’ll sneak file for a divorce without even telling you to meet a deadline where he might have to give you a couple million more dollars if he stays married to you.  Just cut the bullshit,  please.

As someone who has spent their entire life engrossed in the subject of politics and government and has a fundamental love of this nation that goes back decades before my time in old soul retro fashion,  cut the pretending this man has what it takes to be a leader on a global stage.  I can’t handle it.  It breaks my longs-to-be-public-servant heart.

Furthermore, Dr Moniz, nuclear physicist,  faculty member at MIT, first introduced to the American people under the administration of Bill Clinton, who has been a,professor of nuclear physics at MIT longer than I have been alive, his signature crowning moment and gift to the American people is his involvement in the disarming of Iran’s nuclear facilities, was the guest that followed Donald Trump on Stephen Colbert last night, Trump insults and attacks  this man without an inkling of information as far as nuclear levels. You cannot lead a nation,  much less a global existence, when you are that willfully ignorant and full of pride about it. America is not the only nation on the globe and Trump has already stated he will blow up the Iraqi oil wells,  which have nothing to do with Isis, and sell it to Exxon Mobil. I’m not willing to give permission for Americans to die for more money in his pockets, are you?


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