Love Trumps Hate.

Within the confines of a shallow mind, are motives and reason– hard to define. 

Insecurities and jealousy, dominate its host — shut out the sunlight, new growth it must choke. 

 Bitter resentments, need an outlet to enlarge.  A suffering spirit, suffers only in part.
 It seeks out projection,  someone it can blame.  It hates with a vengeance, and loiters in vain.  

 It feeds on the anger, like a leech to the skin.  Never stopping to check score — always sure of its win. 

 It claims for its victims, those in its path. Any shimmer or hope, it will take you down fast. 

 But it needs permission for power, of which you must give.  The more often you feed it, the larger it lives.  

Once it takes over — immediately will it grow.  To multiply its only objective,  more it must know.  

Until it is stopped,  scared in its path — by one who refuses to simply hate back.  

Then begins its death, a phase at a time — its growth stifled back with each well wish and smile.  

A prayer knocks it over, it can hardly breathe — still it searches its host,  its desperation to feed. 

 And while prayer can wound it, almost fatally so –it will not die, though it may not grow.

 Near death will it hover and live on for years,  till love comes along and finishes the kill. 
The only cure known to man for meanness and hate, is to love the afflicted, regardless of state.  

To love when it’s easy, so many will do.  But to love when it’s hard, is the test put to truth. 

 Can we be loving, forgiving, and kind.  When someone attacks us to the side that we’re blind.  

Can we show up with comfort,show up with peace.  Knowing hate’s words mean nothing to me. 

 Vengeance is mine –thus  sayeth the Lord.   Your tongue, let it not be sharp,  like a double-edged sword. 

 If one is stricken, the other cheek do you turn.  Cast an eye out that tempt you,  rather than burn. 

 So many instructions, thus left the Lord — hope is important, faith even more.

 But one cannot know ME,  without this being true.  Love unto your brother, like I’ve always loved you.

Posted 5th March 2013 by CandiMathis


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