Planned Parenthood..

So, I’ve been waiting to write this. Because it won’t be read by anybody but those that hate every word that my fingers tap out. But the latest projection show that there’s a 75% possibility of another government shutdown. Now, here’s what I want to say about that.  And it ain’t pretty.

If the Republicans actually want to have a talk about fetal tissue research and donation,  which is what they pretend this Planned Parenthood thing is about, then let’s do that. Let’s have a national conversation about it. At which time, we will have a congressional hearing, and I want them to call forward those people being struck down by Lou Gehrig’s disease and Parkinsons. I want them to watch formerly healthy 30-something-year-olds struck down in the prime of their life by diseases such as that,  ALS. Watch them shake, or struggle to move at all. Watch them strapped to chairs. Watch them unable to wipe the drool that falls on their chin. Listen to the words that they have to use electronic devices to communicate. Then, after listening to these courageous and hopeful individuals,  I want you to tell them that there will never be a cure in their lifetime, or even their children’s lifetime,  because a 6 weeks clump of cells is more important to you than the living, suffering human beings. And then,  I want you to call forward the doctors from Vanderbilt, the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic — the best medical researchers in the country — I want you to listen to their testimonies, and their work, and I want you, worthless congressional leaders, to attempt to discredit it. Then, when your own children suffer with diseases or are diagnosed with terminal illnesses,  I want you to swear off all medical treatment and just continue to pray. Because most likely, the medical treatment that you’ve benefited from was developed and perfected using techniques such as fetal tissue research that you all claim is the devil, and that we should be so ashamed of ourselves for.

If Republicans are going to pretend that this is over fetal tissue donation, then let’s have that conversation. But we know that won’t happen. Just like we know that the attack on Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with fetal tissue research and everything to do with their attempts to stop abortion. Just like they haven’t done anything this calendar year except  attempt to defund Obamacare and their 5 – 50 attempts to ban 20 week abortions.

Now, unlike  those of you that post your The Daily Caller “news” write-ups and  and the idiots in Congress that believe Marsha ‘I  graduated with a degree in cookie baking from Middle Tennessee State University, but think I’m smarter than the Harvard-educated Constitutional scholar in the White House’ Blackburn,  I’ve done the research.  90% of the abortions in this country happened before the 3rd month. 90%. NINETY. 

The other 10% are generally medically necessary abortions. That’s the ugly reality that everybody seems to overlook when they’re talking about “chopping up babies.”  Do you really believe that the medical doctors in this country that spend their entire lives working and studying for the good of the human people, are just butchers?  (Which isn’t even how it happens, by the way.)  Do you really believe that people that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of their life going to medical school and training to save lives,  are just waiting — out there, everywhere  — to kill a healthy late term babies?  Because that’s what you’re saying. That doctors are such murder-prone individuals that you need legislation to prevent them from killing the five and six month along healthy fetuses that you imagine that they’re out there killing.

And, seriously, is that what you think about women? Do you really believe that a woman who has felt the baby move in her stomach, seen it move on that screen,  suddenly just wakes up one day and decides to say,  “Oh,  the hell with this shit, I don’t wanna get fat.”  Do you think that there are that many women out there that are just whores — which is clearly how you view us — that once they become impregnated whores, suddenly turn into murderers just because they don’t want to be inconvenienced anymore?  Is that what you think of women, GOP? Truly? Because that’s exactly what you’re saying. That women are such frequently knocked up murderers that you need to protect innocent children from the women who give them life, but have tendencies to kill them for no reason.

Women who have late term abortions and doctors that perform them do so because they’ve made a choice that the safest option, the kindest option, is to not bring a severely deformed child into this world to just suffer and then die. That is the ugly reality that none of these “Oh,  babies are being chopped up!” Republicans want to see. Or talk about. Is it a choice I would make? No. But it’s not Congress’s choice to make. The Republicans in Congress are still pissed that the Supreme Court told us we have to allow gay people to get married — they’re still screaming that they didn’t have the right — but they want to tell a woman what to do with a pregnancy that could risk her life or a severely deformed fetus that has no chance of survival outside of the womb?

And while we’re acknowledging that you call doctors murders that can’t be trusted to the point that Congress needs to pass legislation to regulate them from killing,  and then run to them to save your own sick selves; as well as that women are such sluts to you, Congress, murderous sluts,  that a woman can feel a baby move in her stomach and then chose to butcher it —  which is how you believe it happens — to the point that the United States Congress can spend eight months of a calendar year doing nothing but attempting to pass legislation to regulate those sluts, my question is then this:  Where the f*ck is  your legislation to regulate men? 

Where is your legislation to regulate the men that impregnate women and then run hell off? Where the hell is your legislation to regulate the man that helped create a severely deformed child and then takes a look at it and gets gone? Where is your legislation to fund the children who lost their mother by a pregnancy she couldn’t abstain, since you wouldn’t allow her to have the abortion that would have saved her life? Hell, we saw a woman in Nashville who died from pregnancy related causes just this summer and her existing child starved to death. Where’s your legislation to help the family after something like that happens? Where’s your legislation to criminalize the men that impregnate 4 or 5 women and take care of none of them?

I’m waiting…

During which time, my response to Congress is the same as my response to Kim Davis. Do your f*cking job or give back your nice salary.


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