Fourth of July Fury.

Facebook friends: THIS is the last thing I’m going to say and then I’m going back to celebrating my freedom by reading my latest Hillary Clinton book.  Thank you to every member that served in the military and thanks to their families for the sacrifice so that I could continue to live in a nation where I’m free to tell as many boys as I want that they are stupid. And for my right to further use my mouth, and my brain, to prove to them that they are. (Shout out to smart males — you know who you are.)   Thank you for protecting my right to read what ANY book that  I want.  Thank your for a making a reality what my Uncle Chunky told me everyday — that my brother made faces and rolled his eyes at, lol.   ANYTHING a boy can do, a girl can do, and just maybe — BETTER. 


And since we are the UNITED STATES of America, I want to say this:  Just because you can repeat what you read on a Panama City Beach t-shirt (you know, ‘you need a history lesson’), doesn’t make your  “history” accurate.



1.  South Carolina put up that flag in 1962.  Not 1862,  when the Confederacy was still a thing. They put it up as a statement against the Civil Rights Movement.  They put it up to declare that hell no, they would not integrate schools.  Removing it is absolutely the right thing.


2.  You can spin it anyway you like —  you’re still wrong, by the way — but I’ve had rednecks from school who can’t spell and barely graduated offering every reason in the world why the Civil War wasn’t over slavery for going on four years now as they send me a Facebook request so they can ‘tell me what’s up or ‘show me’.   Ain’t a one of them succeded yet.  In fact, for three years now, I’ve pleaded with most to know this:  If I don’t answer you back, I was either busy with a twin, or you’re too big of an idiot for me to even waste my time with.  (I don’t “debate” with people who don’t even read.) You should know which category you fall into.


I broke this down three years ago. Civil War ‘was not over slavery’ lies.


A.  The ‘economic differences’ between the North and the South,  the industrialism vs agriculture,  was this. 


The South was predominately agricultural.  It grew cotton. 

The North, largely industrial.  It turned it into textiles. 

 The South grew cotton and then shipped it up North.  The North turned it into to textiles. The South depended on the free labor of slaves to engage in that trade.  So the ‘economic differences between the North and the South’ was that the South needed to keep owning black people. This is not hard.



B.  The ‘states’ rights’ argument, I’ll give you. The Civil War was absolutely over states’ rights.  The states’ rights to own slaves.



Lincoln did not engage to free the slaves — although he was very much opposed to slavery.  He engaged to preserve the Union, however, it soon became clear that in order to preserve the Union, he had to abolish slavery.  So the argument that soldiers fought to protect their land from the North who just engaged, is rhetoric.  The North engaged because the South had seceded.  And the states made clear in their own secession declarations that slavery was a main objective.



Either way you look at it, that flag represents the portion of this country that NO LONGER WANTED TO BE PART OF THE UNTIED STATES.  Namely, in order to continue their particular choice of preferred commerce — THE SALE OF BLACK PEPOLE.



That flag has no cause to fly at government buildings.  End of discussion.  Fly it in your freaking yard.  I’ll automatically deduct 50 points from your imagined IQ, and so will most people who read beyond third grade comprehension, but it’s your right. 


 It’s your right to rig it up on your truck — but I will ABSOLUTELY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, exercise my right to tell you that you are an asshole.


But here’s my point:  As impressive as it is that you can not only recollect something your read off of and Alvin’s Island t-shirt, let alone, verbally regurgitate it, given your very apparent comprehension struggles, it doesn’t make your ‘history’ accurate.  And there is no better day to agree that the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, not on display at state capitals, than on the day that we celebrate the birth of our nation. 


The south lost the war. Lincoln prevailed.  And we are the UNTIED States of America. And thank God for it. 


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