Republican Rhetoric Rant.

I’m so on fire I may never sleep again between now and next November. But I’ve got to get this out before the Broncos/Patriots game so that it doesn’t ruin that experience. If you’re against safe, legal abortion (which I don’t know why you would be because the alternative will be that women still have them anyway and die — you know, like your argument that gun laws don’t limit gun crime [when Democrats, at this point, are simply attempting to reduce the body count], but yet, miraculously, abortion laws stop abortion),  fine. Attempt to overturn Roe v Wade and go about it that way. But creating altered,  doctored videos that use the bodies of actual still born children and not abortions, attempting to pass amendments like Wisconsin that was just overturned by the federal court (Texas and Tennessee being next — let that be a lesson to everyone that was conned in to voting YES on Amendment 1, you can’t just do what you want, y’all, there’s a constitution), and presidential candidates with their Carly Fiorina type HORSESHIT about a baby kicking his arms and legs while they suck out their brains — HAS to go.  It’s dangerous, irresponsible and particularly disturbing to the people who aren’t mentally stable enough to even grasp what you’re saying, and go on ranting, or plotting revenge, long after you’ve moved on to your next fear-mongering lie. It was only a matter of time until something like this happened and it’s only a matter of time until it happens again. 
When our children are afraid, a good parent quiet their fears. When it’s an irrational fear, we give them the appropriate level of evidence of that to their ability of comprehension — even a child can understand and work with truth. When it’s a logical fear, such as the house burning down,  we remind them that’s why we change batteries in our smoke detectors; that’s why we have an escape plan; that’s why the fire department is just an alarm away. It’s the same way with leaders. You are who the nation looks to when they’re scared,  when they’re confused, when I don’t understand something, when it’s it trouble. Of course, you have to remind people that we are living in dangerous times and there are steps that we need to take, and that they need to take,  and so you do that. But you use truth and integrity and fact. It’s your responsibility as a leader.  It’s your obligation. And it ought to be something that you take pride in.

Look, I don’t like abortion. I’m not for abortion, nobody is for abortion,  and I damn sure don’t want one. What I am for are  teenagers not dying of hemorrhage on the crusty ass floor of some guy her neighbor knows’ prenatal chop shop. What I am for is a woman deciding if she carries to term the pregnancy that may end her life, not you making that decision for her.

You want to encourage women not to have abortions, then encourage birth control, people — you know, the same thing Republicans fight and the same thing they have opposed in the Affordable Care Act. And damnit, when corporate profits are higher than they were even during the Reagan administration (and we know he loved making his wealthy, white friends richer), then SUPPORT proposed wage increases, SUPPORT equal pay for equal work,  where the mother can EVEN earn enough to take care of the kid when she gives birth to it! You’re better off in this country if you sit on your ass, accept government help and don’t try than if you try at a minimum wage, or low income job and we have to stop that! And the way you stop it is NOT by eliminating food stamps for low income individuals and people that actually need it, it’s giving a hand up to those — MANY single mothers with no child assistance — that get out and bust their ass everyday at McDonalds, Target, Wal Mart, grocery stores waiting tables, and still can’t make ends meet.  If you work full time in this country you ought to be able to afford to put food on the table for your kid! And THAT is how you help stop abortions, “Christian” GOP candidates.
We have to stop playing to the mentally unstable and the lowest common denominator of Americans for votes, we have to stop rewarding that,  and we have to put integrity back where it belongs:  in our leaders.

And if you think Donald Trump has integrity — a man that mocks a disabled man by saying “you out to see this guy” and then claims that he never saw him — then, I’m sorry, I don’t even really want to know you.


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