The planned parenthood shooter shouting in court angered me. I can’t decide if if he’s really crazy or just evil pretending for the sake of the insanity defense. Because nothing he said was any different than what Rush Limbaugh listeners write on social media every damn day. When people are truly insane,  I, as well as the law, are always on their side. In this country we don’t execute or convict the mentally ill. But when I look at him, though he looks crazed, I just see evil. Ranting about “saving all the babies that would have been aborted that day”. You killed a cop, an Iraq war veteran, and a soldier’s wife. None of who were even a patient that day. So try again, hoss. It’s mind boggling and gut wrenching to me that one could go to war — a war zone we never should have been in, at that — fight for your country and come back home to be killed by a lunatic with an assault rifle in America. But let’s all keep focusing on just ONE type of “radicalization.” While ignoring all the white mass killers toting easily obtained assult .
And as for Chicago, police there have killed — on average — one person a week for the last eight years. 73% of which were black. And don’t try that right wing lie that only black folks commit crime. We all live around enough thieving methamphetamine smoking white folks to know that’s not true.
We have a problem, y’all. And DO NOT let me get started on Justice Scalia’s remarks today on “blacks” and the University of Texas.  I can’t even. My God!


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