I Love My MANning.

Sooo, Peyton Manning. 

I wasn’t even going to waste my Wi-Fi time on this, but… since it is my BFF… my life-limit of QB love recipient… my favorite, and yours,  ALL time VFL… and  one of my personal idols,  I will.

Peyton Manning wants to dope and mails it to his own wife? Really?

Is this “source” smoking something himself?!   I know crackhoes that hide their using better than that! He’s Peyton freaking Manning, for crying out loud! He’s got a little bit bigger brain than that bouncing around that big head!

And even if he wasn’t Peyton Manning,  as in,  brilliant, methodical, precise,  just with his money and abilities,  if he wanted to dope, he would — and you’d never even know.  Not a clue, not even a whisper, never get suspected, let alone caught, until he slept with or stopped sleeping with the wrong woman or didn’t pay somebody who used to jab him in the butt with a needle MOOOORE hush money.  But the idea that one of the biggest students of the game who ever played the game — and one of the most intelligent — would be that stupid, THAT careless as to mail it to his own house,  please!  In fact, a big, fat BIG ORANGE “Buuuuutch, please!” please. RAAARRRHH! 

I hate that we’re even talking about this.  Mainly because I know what it does to Peyton.  And to a family with enough integrity to actually worry about what a random, nameless faceless fan hears — setting at home watching  the game, buying  #18 jerseys, putting Manning  posters on their walls — and thinks.

I know Peyton. WE KNOW PEYTON. I  may not know Peyton personally,  but I know Peyton the quarterback — because I spent most of my adult life observing him.  And I’ve paid mad attention. 

Peyton Manning may may earn some harsh criticism from Brady-loving fanboys daylighting in high, miced up places, that I don’t necessarily like, but here’s here’s a morsel of goodness that the bad-bent Brady boy-posse may not appreciate, this.

Up, down;  good,  bad; old,  young:  Peyton Manning is the truth.  And he was raised better than that. So, “F–K YOU!” to anybody who believes #18 “cheats”.  Because he’s too nice to say it,  I’m not.

Afterall, I’m sure he’d go with something along the lines of “you can  shove that narrative where the sun doesn’t shine.” I’m a little bit more vocal than that. #ITRUSTMyQB


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