Go Home, Bundy Ranch, You’re Drunk.

Let’s be real about something, America. If black men and women armed themselves with weapons and stood outside of a federal building,  white people would lose their collective shit.

I love protest. There is nothing as beautifully American as the right to assemble. When I was a child studying the history of our great nation, and I first learned about the decades of protest that enticed social change, the thousands willing to have themselves jailed whether from courtroom contempt or in the act of demonstration, when I learned of things like the  Montgomery bus boycott,  I think that was the moment that I fell in love with America. Not because it (things like segregation) existed,  but because we have the ability to change it. To live in a nation where you have the power to change government,  to change perceptions, to fight back over inequality — even when the force you are fighting is your own government — is magical. So I absolutely and enthusiastically applaud protest even if I don’t agree with you. I support and defend your right to peacefully assemble, even if I think you’re an idiot for whatever it is you’re standing out there over. Again: I support, love and am a passionate defender of one of our most precious civil liberties — protest.

That said, I wonder when the Krazy Khristian Konservatives that assemble on Facebook will gather to begin referring to the ARMED Oregon protesters as “thugs” who “need to get a job” — I mean, how else can they stand out there all day, right?  (Isn’t that the line of thinking?) — and calling for police brutality against them. Can you imagine the fear and chaos it would create if black men with dreadlocks in their hair came packing pistols in protest and standing outside of City Hall?

Imagine. And if you refuse to acknowledge that simple double standard,  you’re either a big fat liar or you’re so far in denial that I can see why you would believe that somebody like Trump actually possesses the knowledge,  let alone the ability, to “make America great again.” Because you are blissfully delusional.  Which, btw, is a ripped off Ronald Reagan campaign slogan that is not only unoriginal, it violently offensive. America is, had been and always will be a great nation. If it’s not — what in the hell did the (recent war) near 7,000 men and women give their lives for? The defense of a semi-ok nation? Really? How disgustingly insensitive to their sacrifice and their families.

And since, as always,  I managed to bring this around to Donald Trump, let me say that his presidential campaign is about like me vocally hollering my desire to be elected as the next head coach of the Tennessee Titans.

It’s like me standing around yelling, “I’ll make the Titans great again!”

And, “Ooo, I’ll be so good for the Titans, you won’t know what to do!”

And whole bunch of other shit that sounds too unintelligent for me to ever actually say it. When in reality, I may know football,  I may recognize good football when I see it and loudly condemn bad football when it so obviously exists, I might be able to recognize the spread offense and I can name all the starting quarterbacks in the NFL, and I could pick all the greats that have gone before out of a line up, but when it came right down to it, I’m not sure that I could so much as tell the locker room full of men how to put on a damn jockstrap.

That’s Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He’s loud and he’s in your face, and he yells out insults that you wish you could get away with (although they’re not very clever ones), all the while telling you how big his campaign balls are, when, in reality, he wouldn’t even know how to position his political jockstrap — because he’s never even wore one.

It’s ridiculous. It’s insulting to those who have spent their lives actually studying the function of government and even more so that those who have spent their lives living it. And it’s damn embarrassing. Globally. And domestically.

And every day I swear I won’t get started on his “sexist” attacks on Bill Clinton, a man who appointed the first female Attorney General and gave the nation feminist icon and national treasure, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in her appointment to the Supreme Court, and everyday something sets me off and I go back on my word to myself. And as I set in the parking lot of the coffee shop writing this, some redneck pulls in beside me with the American flag flying upside down in the back of his pickup — a clear call of distress — and it occurs to me how little patience I have for those whine and cry and bitch like little babies and make public idiots of themselves over their country being “taken away” from them, when we still live in a society where if the protesters in Oregon were black, rednecks in  places like Tennessee would be freaking the fudge out and hollering for the National Guard to take action against the “thugs.”

And I think about how imperative it is for me to say this truth — you seriously need to get over yourselves, white people.

If this nation treated whites the way we have treated blacks, it would have burned to the ground long ago. Hell,  look at the way “we”  — white people — acted when they wanted to take our slaves away from us — we went to war with our own damn nation! So these rednecks crying about their nation in distress all because black people and gays and women and Muslims are now enjoying the freedoMs that you have always taken for granted, piss me off immensely. In this country, black Americans have endured a fate that they never should have had to endure by white Americans who — get this now — truly believed that God made them better and superior.  And as they used Christ as a reason to oppress and own and intimidate and belittle and harass and abuse African Americans, they have endured and they have persevered. Relentlessly. So pardon me, if I don’t give a f*ck about your bellyaching over “wanting your country back” because what you mean is the unquestioned dominance of the white male, and honey, allow this feminist to tell you, that THAT south ain’t ever going to rise again. So spill your tears elsewhere.  Because the truth is little redneck white boy,  you couldn’t handle a day in this country as a black man and everybody with a brain cell and a book knows it.

Privilege doesn’t mean that you have money,  privilege means you can back talk the cops because you know that they’re not going to shoot you over a traffic ticket. Privilege means you take for granted that when your kids are walking down the street people are going to say “oh,  look at those kids out for a stroll” and not “look at those punks casing the joint.” It means if and when you decide to take an assault weapon with you when you get a flipping Subway sandwich, you get photoshopped,  you don’t get shot dead — unlike a black kid simply standing in the park with a toy gun. And when, and if, you do get killed, it doesn’t take Al Sharpton (let that name anger you, as always) and a national uprising for the police to even be interested in seeking justice — at which time, black Americans will still likely see an acquittal for the perpetrator, whites won’t.

So really, stop whining, white people. Enjoy the “privilege” that you are so engulfed in and accustomed to,  that you will still fight like hell to deny that it exists. While bathing in it.

And lastly, if you’re going to come at me over Bill Clinton,  you better come to that battle of wits bearing arms, to which I’ve never seen a single person on Facebook do so and I don’t expect that to change now. “Armed” doesn’t mean something you read on The Daily Caller or something your conspiracy theory Clinton hating uncle told you at Thanksgiving dinner, it means actual knowledge over who the Clintons are, what their careers have been, and the betterment of the public that they have worked for their entire lives for, and the pieces of public policy they have enacted — and there ain’t a Bubba-hating Bubba (if you get that) on my social media that I’ve encountered that’s qualified there. You better shy away from the “rape” talk when that man doesn’t have that, assault,  in his repertoire. Particularly when we’re talking about an individual who was on the receiving end of someone paying $250,000 for people to — daily, now —  dig through their trash in an attempt to come up with something that could be used to discredit him. The insanity of the Clinton hate in the nineties was the driving force behind lots of so-called “Clinton scandals” and I believe Bill Clinton raped somebody about like I believe Jameis Winston did. The information is there if you seek it,  but one has to be open minded enough to seek it. And anybody that screams ” Monica Lewinsky!” under the direction of two speakers of the house that were having affairs and molesting male children (students!) themselves, demonstrates that they don’t have the ability to be such.

I think I’ve made myself clear.

Team Hillary. Since 1992.


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