Dickson County.

So, Dickson County is opposed to gay marriage.


I’m curious, what exactly is it — you humiliating and indefensible folks who seek to speak for us —  that you’re worried about? That Bob and Tom’s ability to obtain a first marriage will interfere with your ability to have a third? Or is it that you actually believe that God said, Go out into the world and fight all my moral victories for me, because I’m not big enough to do so  myself.  Or are you one of those that genuinely believes that when God looks down on America and sees the Native American genocide, the bombs we used to level Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the people we killed and the nation we blew apart to repay some of Dick Cheney’s buddies’ campaign investments, the generations of African Americans tortured, raped, abused, and owned like farm animals — he’s, like, totally cool with that, by the way —  that he suddenly says, “What, the United States now allows Bob to legally leave his estate to Tom when he dies without room for potential fraud from his redneck thieving brother? That’s it! I’m destroying them!”   To those who do — and I’ve heard them — shout that God will now destroy America, I ask — Is that really how little you think of red, brown and black lives? That God was okay with the atrocities we committed against them, but he’s gonna throw up a big “Hell no!” over the legally binding union of two men? That’s what you think is gonna do the United States in? You can’t be serious!

If you want to live in a nation where your religious beliefs determine everybody else’s Civil Liberties, try the middle east. Because that isn’t America. If you don’t think God wants you to get gay married, don’t get gay married. It’s that simple. Everyone wants the rights and privileges of living in the United States of America until that privilege presents them with choices that they don’t like, and then they whine. You take the liberties you appreciate right along with the ones that you don’t. You tolerate the freedoms you don’t approve of for the sake of the enjoyment of the ones that you do.  That is life in a free nation, boys and girls. The government of the United States of America is not now, nor will it ever be concerned with what your interpretation of Jesus is as a deciding factor in its interpretation of laws. Marriage is a legally binding contract in the eyes of the government, one gay people have every right to enter into. So says the Supreme Court.

And until you’ve stood in a court of law in Dickson County and had a judge refuse to acknowledge your Last Will and Testament — simply because he felt like it — and until you’ve had to write a $10,000 check to the state of Tennessee to get them to hear your case, only because you’re not a blood relative, then don’t speak to me about what Christ would and would not want. Because this wasn’t Christ doing that to me as a 17-year-old kid, this was Dickson County Probate Court — and I was saved by the state of Tennessee. I’d bet Christ would want people to be treated with dignity without getting screwed over by crooked judges and dishonest relatives facilitated simply because they’re not blood relation, and that’s exactly what marriage allows for gay people.

Some of these Dickson County citizens and council members should worry about their own divorces and marriages and personal problems that could stand change — plenty there to keep them busy — and then perhaps they wouldn’t be the type of miserable that tries to fight others enjoying the freedoms that they’ve always taken for granted. Because lest we begin looking at what the Bible says about all of  that.

If there’s only one sentiment successfully expressed in this attempt, allow it to be this: Get over yourselves, Dickson County. You live in a nation where we are blessed enough to spend our time arguing over whether or not YOU approve of how someone else lives their life, and there are nations that exist with people simply seeking to make it to sundown without having their heads cut off today. Want to do Jesus’ work? Try helping them. Why not leave the state of Bob and Tom’s souls to someone much bigger than you — God. Remember him?

Or how about these…

Remember the homeless people you didn’t want to help by allowing shelter downtown? Remember the nineteen year old drug addict that died by mixing alcohol and Suboxone and the drug addict that you sought to crucify for providing the alcohol simply because the County was a friend of the former and not the latter?  Remember every other grown child of a broken home  and a poor family that your district attorney sought to go after with ridiculous overreach — like homicide charge for buying adults alcohol — that would never happen on a college campus simply because they knew the afflicted, and addicted, soul had no family worth and no means to fight it? Remember the way you applied the law to the Haves and not the Have Nots? Remember the families you poisoned with your ground water and lied about it and the ensuing game of semantics played to pay for it? Remember all of that, Dickson County? Because God does. You want to rectify sins, you’ve got a boat load. Why don’t you try starting there. Perhaps the citizens of Dickson County should worry more about why they have a Court system that allows interpretation of who they deem worthy, usually dictated upon who they know, to decide who receives justice and who gets targeted, instead of whether or not gay people can legally marry — given the fact that not that long ago straight people could get hitched in Indiana at a Denny’s over a bacon sundae.

And I only wish I made that up.

Our divorce rate proves that not only is marriage not sacred, but it hasn’t been in awhile. So your hypocritical holier-than-thou ramblings are tired.  More people died in Tennessee last year of heroin overdose than auto accidents, and yet, we live in a County that’s still trying to cover up addiction (and deny its existence for the families of our choosing),  and blame it on the beer.

Here is an update for you, folks.  The disease of alcoholism and addiction doesn’t stop at the thresholds of Churches of Christ, it just comes right on in. Every life has value. Every child is worth saving before they, themselves, are on the receiving end of a combination that prohibits them from waking up the next day. I don’t write this to be insensitive, but because I care — more than you could possible know. But before we can attempt to cure it, we have to treat it. And to treat it, we have to ACKNOWLEDGE it. And we don’t acknowledge it by allowing ourselves to enable loved ones to the grave and finding someone else — and something else — to blame when they do. And that seems to be the approach taken by the Dickson County Court system and the message that they’ve sent. Addiction is threatening our children — nation wide — in alarmingly paralyzing rates and you all are worried about a piece of paper. How many more lives will that cost? I dare you to think.

So how about all of you “Concerned Citizens” who state to be seeking God’s will get involved in saving our County from the non-discriminatory disease of addiction — before it’s too late — and leave the gay community alone, for crying out loud.

All they want is dignity. And admit it, they are so dang cute, how could you possibly deny them. I live my life with this standard — that it’s NOT my job to make it easier for you if you make life harder for those who simply seek to live and let live, it’s my job to be the reason that one tormented person looks up and breathes a bit easier. Where the world needs a voice, there I shall go scream. And gay kids, you’ve got a heck of a hollering friend in this girl.

Shame on every one of you attempting to send a message to said individuals that they are wrong and an “abomination” simply because you don’t understand them. Shame on you.

And for the first time ever, I — ME, Little Miss Cougar Pride, fan girl of Dickson County athletics — am ashamed of my hometown.

We are better than this, Dickson County. We are. And I love you too much to refuse you accountability.  And since we are now a County that publicly takes everyone elses inventory, allow me a turn:  If people like Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Roberts, and Rachel Maddow aren’t in Heaven (simply because they’re gay), then there’s not a shot in hades for some of you all.

Let that truth bomb blow your collectively narrow minds.


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