Donald Trump is a shit stain .


Donald Trump is a shit stain. A venomous, hate sludge spewing moonbat — to copy from Ann Coulter’s Urban Dictionary entry — who riles up the “hell yeah!” vote by churning out twat ramblings he passes off as words to the angry, Doritos truck-driving suckers who crank out a hard-earned $26 bucks for a litany of lies that he didn’t even write . Unoriginal in every aspect of his life sans for his stupidity, Donald Trump is such a petulant fraud that even his 4 billion dollar net worth is not enough for him, as he threatened litigation — and then goes through on it — to people who try to expose that it’s not 10 billion, and lobbies to Forbes Magazine to get them to raise his net worth because he is a fundamentally flawed and incoherently dishonest human being whose greed knows no bounds and whose generosity we’ve never seen in any capacity. The man is a fraud and always has been!

But even frauds can sometimes amass insane wealth. And how is that you think they do that, by the way? By being dishonest, and usually, disgustingly rich from the beginning. Initially famous for racking up close to a billion dollars in debt building buildings that he could not pay for, and then famous-for-being-famous, he’s nothing more than an orange face, brash, less intelligent and appealing Kardashian.

Only instead of posing nude, he just marries women who emigrate and then do.

Convincing you that he’s deserving of his “famous for being famous” fame that dabbles in various depth of repeated dishonesty and extortion, he sells his name on shit that, again, he didn’t design or make (as sweatshops in five different countries are making those products) and talks about “bringing back American jobs” while being an exporter of them himself. And attempts to convince you that he really did something other than inherit a portion of the $220 million that helped him get there besides ripping people off — including the illegal immigrants that he hired to work for a fourth of the price of contracted workers and then ended up in a lawsuit because he still didn’t pay them (why would he pay them, right? In his mind, they’re worthless criminals, not human beings) — on his way to the “top .”  And the only time he acknowledges the hard work and the backbone of those he has ridden to the top on — using their intelligence, their wit, their labor –is when someone else
writes the two intelligent sentence speeches that he still can’t even accurately deliver and tells him to say so.

And now we have the violence at Trump rallies. The most recent episode of a 78-year-old man sucker punch/elbow smashing somebody. My first thought was why would a 78-year-old man punch anybody. Knowing, to quote WWE, that if someone called him on it — even on a sucker punch — he would likely find himself in the perilous spot of his mouth (or cowardly act of violence, rather) writing checks that his old ass couldn’t cash.

Followed by Trump’s own words at the rally about “do you know what we used to do to guys like that in the old days. ”

Soooo it came as no surprise to me to find out the recipient of the sucker punch was an African American. Yes, Trump, we know what you used to do to those guys in the old days. You hung them from trees, you ‘effn bastard. (Or at least, your dad’s associates did, huh?) Which explains old Grandpa Sucker Punch ‘s actions. He was longing for the good old days when n****rs didn’t question them, right? Take your country back, heh boys? I mean, we all KNOOOOOW what you want to take your country back to.

Trump supporters, Trump apologists, are nothing short of disgusting.

Particularly the Trump surrogate on CNN expressing his gratitude for the elbow smash saying, “I think we should all be impressed that a 78-year-old man can throw a punch like that!”

Ok, 1) it was an blindsided elbow and 2) I think we should all be impressed that the young man or his friends didn’t instantly, reactively, kick the old man’s ass.

That took took character.

The lowest common denominator of human life-form can currently be found among Trump supporters. I’m sure of it.


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