The problem with that “silent majority”


Here’s the problem with those “silent majority stands with Trump” signs. For starters, a “silent majority” is seen as a group of people who don’t express their political opinions openly. Therefore displaying a sign that says you don’t display your political preferences openly while displaying your political preferences is almost an even bigger contradiction than Trump’s campaign itself. Next, it’s a phrase that originated with — or at least popularized by — Richard Nixon. A man who told the American people that they need to know if their president is a crook while
simultaneously being the biggest public crook to ever hold that highest office. It was also largely seen as a reference to the infamous southern strategy. Who in their right political mind would draw association with that?

But most importantly, is the hilariously inaccurate implication that Trump supporters are silent. They are, generally speaking, anything but. They are loud, angry, brutal, obtrusive, over bearing, sometimes dumb but domineering, politically uneducated — and largely, generally uneducated as well — aging or middle-aged typically blue-collar white folks enraged about many things, but mainly the fact that they are NOT the MAJORITY anymore. That’s the number one thing that they’re angry about — that they are no longer the majority! And the more they seem to be losing ground — such as the removal of the Confederate flag that should have been taken down ages ago — the angrier and louder they get. That’s the history of white — particularly southern — people. That the more advancements the black man gets, the more anger and violence the aforementioned offended white man puts forth. Usually in terms of some variation of longing for the “good ol days.”

That’s not to say that there aren’t educated Trump supporters, there are. But they’re typically educated WHITE (read: angry) Trump supporters. And that’s not to say that all Trump supporters are racist, but I think we’d all be willing to bet that all racists are Trump supporters.

And about that self-described non-vocal super power, as we know based on the increasing demand to appeal to African-American and Latino voters in order to win the presidential election — George W Bush’s actual popular vote victory in 2004, unlike 2000, was based on his support in the Latino community and his ability to carry over 40% of that vote — that alleged silent majority (composed of and aimed at angry “take our country back” white people) — is a political minority. And given that as of 2012 the majority of babies born in America were minorities, and that roughly only 60% of Americans are classified as “white” — with white men, Trump’s biggest hardline base, accounting for just 31% of the American population — they’re on their way to vastly becoming the racial minority as well.

So not only are they not inaudible or even politically domineering, they are vastly approaching the end of even being numerically dominant. And isn’t that what all the anger is reeeally about, white folk?

Post white America, if not already here, is knocking on the door. And standing at the threshold are a lot of enraged white people (bearing Trump signs, no doubt), and that confuses me. Because if some of you SPF 75 to even step outside pasty people had ever seen the biracial brown-skinned dark-eyed beauties that are the children that make up some of the loves of my life, you’d scream, “Bring those brown babies on!” They’re gorgeous.

I find the phrase “the silent majority stands with Trump” a beautiful representation of the nonsense and contradictory way that Trump approaches everything — largely with fabrications and stuff that doesn’t even make sense on the surface, let alone when you scratch deeper than that. It’s just political comedic platinum.

Thanks for the giggle.


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