Letter in the Tennessean (link included).

I was infuriated by Mr. Bartlett’s suggestion that Ms. Andrews wasn’t grievously injured, but not to the extent that I was repulsed by his admission of intentionally watching the video. I hope this man doesn’t have daughters.

Sexist? Sexist is the insinuation that a woman who makes her living in a male-dominated industry and attempts to do so with dignity and professionalism wasn’t harmed by someone secretly filming her naked, posting it publicly, and by men like Mr. Bartlett going to view it to see what all the fuss is about.

If Mr. Bartlett is so concerned with the Marriott’s financial setback, perhaps he can rush right out and book a room in support and spare us all the nauseating experience of reading his ridiculous words.

NO ONE would willingly go online to look at Bryant Gumble’s bare backside with the matched enthusiasm that they rushed to view footage of Ms. Andrews in the nude — as made apparent by your sick admission of willingly watching the video. Congratulations on being an eager sexual violence enthusiast.



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