Letter to Tennessee Senators

Dear Mr. Corker and Mr. Alexander,

It’s always been a source of personal pride that our senators from Tennessee are sane. We may sometimes have various differences of political opinions, but both have represented our state well. I acknowledge that politics in Washington have become a juvenile bully-battle by the proverbial playground tetherball pole, but I believe our Senators, not to be confused with our representatives in Congress, have generally stayed above the fray. I ask you to continue to do so.

Elections have consequences. And the Republican Party may not like those consequences, but they exist. And those consequences are that Barack Obama won the White House twice. And having done so, the Constitution specifies that he makes any nominations to Supreme Court vacancies during his time in office. If you don’t approve of his nominee, vote no. But  vote. I encourage you to do your job and refuse to side with Republican Senators fabricating “constitutional rules” that clearly are not in the Constitution.

Obstructionism doesn’t look good on any elected leader, and Republicans failed at their main objective of making Barack Obama a one-term president. It’s time to finally work with him. 

Senator, the people had “their say” in 2008 and 2012, and Congressional Republicans don’t get to ignore that just because they don’t like it. I expect and demand better out of my senators. As we’ve clearly been shown, voters — Republicans and Democrats alike — are sick of the juvenile antics in Washington, sir. We are paying attention, Senator. Don’t let us down.

Candice Mathis


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