H. A. Goodman.

I’ve read a lot of ridiculous things on the internet. But I didn’t expect to be reading them from Bernie supporters. That’s usually reserved for Donald Trump fans. And increasingly, they all seem to be penned by the same man.

The most recent was an argument for why you should write-in Bernie Sanders during a general election if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination. Right. Yes, because electing Donald Trump to the nation’s highest office will really show us, huh?

To that,  this genius replies that he’s not worried — as in, a Donald Trump presidency wouldn’t be all that bad — because the Donald wouldn’t succeed in getting any of his proposals past Congress. (Yet, Hillary Clinton, somehow, magically will — but only the really evil, Donald Trump-like ones.)

Ok.  #1,  you wouldn’t think that in the year 2016 we’d still have repeated assaults on Roe v. Wade or that Congress would respond to a malicious attack on women’s rights by voting to defund Planned Parenthood over soundly debunked, doctored videos, but — surprising no one who has paid political attention — they did.

#2, I’m from a red state, dude. And as long as we keep sending representatives to the hill — and we, as well as others like us, are — you’d be surprised what would get through Congress. (Should I take the time to school this fanboy on radical right-wing legislation currently proposed in my own southern state, or just let him stew in his own stupidity?)

More importantly, the President is still the global face and international representation of our nation. That matters to some of us concerned with things other than throwing a ballot box temper tantrum when we don’t get our own way. You thought “Mitt the Twit” was embarrassing, America,  try electing Donald Trump.

Getting worse, this ass clown goes on to use the tragedy of the disastrous Iraq War for his reasoning behind why we should intentionally help divert votes from Hillary Clinton and potentially facilitate a Donald Trump presidency — as he states that he’s not concerned with this inevitable end result — like  he doesn’t understand that the colossal failure of Iraq and its disastrous consequences was a little more involved than one vote, and/or that the blame rests on the shoulders of the nation itself — like it or not — and the government as a whole, and is the fault of more than just one Senator. Even if that Senator cast a regrettable vote in favor of that invasion. (And — again, suprising no one who has paid attention –she wasn’t alone in making the mistake of extending the benefit of the doubt to the then sitting president.)

But, I suppose when you’re bending truth for the sake of extending your man crush, you can’t be worried about things like facts. Or with concerning yourself over things like the entirety (or extent) of the fault something really is. Instead, you just film yourself in the process of spewing your unfounded mouth ramblings and put it on YouTube.  Because that’s how you get credibility as a “journalist” or an “author.”

* eye roll *

But congratulations, Mr. Goodman,  on shamelessly using the sacrifices of our men and women to “politically” act on your own personal attraction to Senator Sanders, because it’s clear at this point that your level of cheerleading is simply some sort of psychological obsession.  Because no sane person attempts to convince the world that a Trump presidency wouldn’t be all that disastrous, simply for the sake of getting their own (write-in, damn it!) way. Most reasonable people would get over themselves, grow up, and realize that you have to do the best thing for the country — which is electing the person that actually ends up on the ballot that is not Donald Trump.

Which would be my suggestion to overbearing internet assholes like  this one.

You don’t hold the country hostage and perpetuate its potential suffering for the sake of a crybaby temper tirade launched at the ballot box, which is, ridiculously enough, apparently rooted in your own hurt feelings over not seeing your adolescent obsession validated through a Sanders presidency.

Grow. Up.

Then, this douche canoe claims that the “neo cons are rallying behind Hillary Clinton.” The only suggestion more ridiculous than that one, is the one that alleges that this man has “readers.”

He also claims that he still believes Bernie will win the nomination — he won’t, it’s not even mathematically possible unless Bernie pulls a blow out in every state from here on out — and that Hillary will be indicted — she won’t, she didn’t even break the law, dawg, keep up — so CLEARLY this man isn’t exactly rational, but reading his words leave me wondering why some Senator Sanders fan boys have become as dangerously ridiculous as Trump lovers. You know, in that they are willing to subject the country to ridicule and incoherent incompetence simply because of the rise they get from demonizing someone else — be it Wall Street or black people.

Bashing bankers is no where close to generalizing Mexican immigrants, and Wall Street certainly doesn’t need defending. But I am not such a self-obsessed spoiled brat that I’m going to advocate NOT voting for someone actually on the ticket in a presidential election, and defend the possibility of electing a bigoted bastard like Donald Trump just because I’m pissed that I didn’t get the candidate I wanted — which is to say one that’s always, loudly, making somebody else, be it the people or institutions I wish to demoralize,  the bad guy. Relentlessly, regardless of subject.

It’s also ridiculous and a bit self-righteous for the Sanders’ brothers to fault Hillary Clinton for the professional actions of her husband, and not hold Bernie Sanders accountable for the same of his wife. Particularly when he both states that his wife is his best political advisor and is under heavy scrutiny for having a campaign full of “unicorn and rainbow!” sounding campaign promises that have no realistic Congressionally-passed prospect or validity, and ones that he can’t realistically pay for. If we’re gonna find political relevance in attacking the resume of one’s spouse, perhaps one ought to mention Mrs. Sanders’ — who I love, by the way — tenure as President of Burlington College. Where she bankrupted the University by sharing her husband’s love of having some really big plans that were, unfortunately,  unfunded.  And, as a result, were catastrophic failures for both her and the University.

It’s also silly to tout welfare reform signed during a time of economic prosperity, abundant employment, union strength and rising incomes as the reason for the suffering of those near two decades later. Suffering inflicted after and during a disastrous Bush administration that gave birth to the greatest recession in our lifetimes, the stock market crash, a housing crisis, and a minimum wage of $5.50 an hour during a time when both gas and milk hit $4.00 a gallon. To name a few. People weren’t suffering in the 2000’s because Bill Clinton signed welfare legislation during a time when, to put it bluntly, if able-bodied individuals couldn’t find work, then they weren’t looking, they were suffering because they lost their jobs, their homes, and they couldn’t afford to fill their tanks. Or their babies’ bottles. Duh, dumbass.

So, you, sir, are a dick.  (And since the Huff Post isn’t publishing my adolescent obsession that I continually pass off as political advocacy, I can say that.) And you’re free to be one. However, I draw the line at keeping quiet while you become a dangerous one.

Grow up. This country depends on sane ADULT voters to save them from the insanity of Donald Trump, and we refuse to let the common welfare be hijacked by the anger of vitriolic Bernie Bros like you. You wanna bed Bernie — fine. We get it, he’s your celebrity crush, and we don’t judge you for it. 


But I will not keep my internet mouth shut while someone supposedly “progressive” attempts advocacy for taking our nation back, and advocacy for taking our nation hostage and using the voting booth as your venue — simply because you’re still pissed that you didn’t get your way.

It’s juvenile, it’s ignorant, and it’s beneath the character of a well-loved Senator who has served his nation well. He DESERVES better from his supporters. Show some damn integrity. Particularly when you’re attempting to do so in the name of Bernie Sanders.

I support Secretary Clinton AND Senator Sanders. YOU, Mr. Goodman, may “not care what Hillary Clinton supporters think of you” and that’s beautiful, Bubba, because we don’t give two shits what a juvenile, unpatriotic asshole thinks we should do on election day. We’re voting for the Democratic nominee.

So, f-ck you.

By the way — we love and support President Obama, too. 

Oh, and do the internet a favor, please: Practice saying these two words,  “Madam President.”

Because you’re going to have to use them later.


2 thoughts on “H. A. Goodman.

  1. “And — again, suprising no one who has paid attention –she wasn’t alone in making the mistake of extending the benefit of the doubt to the then sitting president.”
    Of course she wasn’t alone in casting that vote. However, she is the only one /currently vying for the nomination for her party who did./ Do you honestly not see how that makes a difference? Fucking nitwit.

  2. Thanks for being entertainment, Goodman. Remember all the times you wrote about “Bernie will win the nomination”?

    How’s that working out for you, asshole.

    Irrational Hillary hater who once went ga GA for Rand Paul. The biggest joke of the campaign season.

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