Internet bullies won’t steal my joy, but I will kick their ass.

You know,  I truly believe that God always gives you an opportunity to get up out of your funk.  While I was sitting in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts writing that last post,  so angry and thinking about how I was going to catch a charge for choking somebody out — because in case you haven’t noticed, friends, I don’t waste my time like a bunch of 12-year-olds, going back and forth, arguing with idiots online,  I prefer to say my piece and just call them out when  I see them, and, invariably, watch them duck in the bread aisle at Kroger, with the quickness (or run right up to start kissing my little waddling butt) — well, my little friend that walks everywhere (some of y’all know her) asked me if I would mind taking her and her children home so that they didn’t have to walk to Pomona. I had just cleaned out a  Rubbermaid tub of books from the back seat, so I told her,  Sure, I actually had room for all of them! And I took her and her children home.

Let me tell you,  I left there with the most uplifted heart.  Now, she is mentally disabled and her children are mentally disabled, and because of that — or maybe just because of who they are — they have such pure spirits. She’s so proud that the government of the United States has a program that allows her to use her SSI to pay a mortgage, which was taken out by the United States government, and in 30 years she will be a paid-in-full homeowner. She’s always so appreciative and excited to talk about her home and her children are just hilarious. I left there with so much joy.  The kids introduced me to their cats, Fluffy and Jake,   I got to love on Fluffy, and I thought about how some  — you know, the usual suspects, the common bigots — aren’t going to steal my joy.

The same people who are constantly worried because they think somebody might have $5 that they don’t have — the bitter, angry Americans — constantly wailing, and yet,  there are people in Syria flavoring water with blades of grass to try to prevent their children from starving to death, and they can’t even get permission from that bastard Assad to allow humanitarian aid, and these people b*tch about their country like they’ve really got problems. These children  dying in Syria are skeletal and we live in a nation where people are angry over the fact that their whiteness doesn’t buy them status anymore. Whining about wanting their country back, when their behinds are still just pissed as hell over the black man in the Oval Office, though none of them have the balls to admit it,  and they want to pretend that their problem is little white people like me that remind them of that.

I’m not your problem — I’m not that powerful. Your problem is greed,  your problem is envy,  your problem is hate.

And you are not going to steal my joy!  You can subscribe to the politics of you being mad because you think somebody’s got something that you don’t got, but I subscribe to the politics of change.  I believe in the politics of power and the government of the United States’ ability to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Like this woman who is mentally handicapped,  with her two children that are mentally handicapped — the United States government has  changed the course of their lives. She has the dignity to own a home,  her children have the dignity of owning a home to call their own, and yet,  we come from a nation where there was the time that she would have been institutionalized. That is the power of change in politics! And that’s what I believe in,  and you all can’t take that away from me!

You can go be two-faced and angry and pat your delusional selves on the back about how you’re really the ones doing Jesus’  work — and by Jesus’ work you mean talking about black people and those that might need food stamps to get by — but we all see right through you.

You’re bitter. You’re small. And you can feel your own inferiority and your own dominance based on your skin colors’ death with every breath,  and it shows. But I have more joy in my heart for meeting those children and their cat — and their simple joy at life — than I’ve had in a lifetime of knowing some of these same people. And you can’t take that away from me (or them — these folks you demonize)  with your anger.

I’m one of the good guys, and I know it. And no matter what you write or say,  you can’t convince me otherwise. Because I know exactly who I am,  my fellow Democrats know exactly who we are and we know exactly who we answer to — and it’s not you and it never will be. Like water off a duck’s back, your fear based attempt at bullying rolls right off mine. Get involved in life — and in people’s lives — it might surprise you at just how brilliantly sweet it can be. I certainly thank my God for this reminder.

Try appreciating the power of politics for what it is and what it can be and that is the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. We live in such a brilliant and powerful nation. And just admit that your real animosity towards me is that I’ve read more about the political process in the United States in my dumbest 5 minutes, than you have in your entire lives. And I don’t mind reminding you of it.  That’s your real problem with me.

And you will never be able to social media bully — or any kind of bully — me into changing my mind on the things I’ve spent a lifetime learning.

And I’m taking back my joy. We have such a blessed nation.

Try acting like it.

(Written Jan 2016)


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