The Post That Earned Me a 3-month FB Ban: My Experience With FB Bullying. (And the skank chic who then had me banned.)

The following is the post that earned me repeated FB-issued blocks and posting bans…

So, it’s been brought to my attention that there’s someone that likes to periodically screenshot my facebook post and then put them on a Facebook page
called… umm, The Dickson Scene,maybe, so that they can talk about me.

And yes, I’m talking to you, Misty Mahan, or Misty Dantico, whatever the fudge your name is.

So I’ll do the adult thing and give you enough time to read this before I have to actually use the delete button.  Which always makes me sad, by the way,  because as an adult, I would think that we’re further along than that and I always find it a bit nauseating when grown people can’t conduct themselves in a manner that we would require of elementary school children. So, make sure you screen shot this in its entirety, toots, wouldn’t want your common a*s to misinterpret a word.

Sadly,  we’re not further than that. Apparently there’s some people that seem to believe that real life is a low budget remake of ‘Mean Girls’ for almost 40-year-olds.

I’m at a loss for motive, but I can take a few guesses.  Perhaps it’s animosity over the fact that you fit in the skank category when we were in school — I don’t know. It baffles me, and I’m merely speculating, here.  Perhaps it’s resentment over the fact that some of these girls — the ones that perpetuate conversations like the aforementioned — didn’t associate with the cool kids in school and they’re still trying to fit in. (And I burst out laughing even typing that.) It’s so ridiculous to even be discussing, that I’m just trying to imagine what would possess someone to act so juvenile. And so pathetically cowardly. It’s pitiful behavior! How could you conduct yourself in such a way with a straight face and then step outside of the house everyday? I’d have a hard tolerating myself,  let alone expecting other people to.  I’m just wondering what has prevented these over grown kids from noticing that Junior High IS OVER! (But, hey,  since we’re stuck back there — talking about junior High — wasn’t Misty the one that got her a*s kicked in the parking lot and everybody made fun of it for a  year?) I can see why.

I can also say, I have no problem recreating that scenario —  just let me know when so I can make sure to wear my good shoes and take a diet pill beforehand.

But seriously, joking aside — grow up.  Groooow up! Truly, do civilized society a favor and grow the hell up. I mean, is it medication you need to be taking or medication you take too much of? Honestly, what is wrong with you??

In fact, I have a hard time even being mad at somebody that pitiful because I hear my Uncle Chunky’s voice saying, “Abner, you just have to understand some people don’t have what you have, some people aren’t as bright as you are.” 

And that’s fitting, because it’s clear that a grown a-s adult willing to screenshot somebody’s post and put it on a community page  they’re not a member of just to talk about them, is missing a few screws. (Not to mention common decency — that’s apparently not so common on a certain Facebook page.) And then I feel sorry for you and a bit like a bully for even trying to call you out on your immature sh-t. Because it’s hard to get mad at a grown up so pathetic they would friend somebody on Facebook — and then continue to do — just so they screenshot their post and talk about them with their online sissy friends. That’s so pitiful — this full grown, adult behavior of social media bullying — that it’s almost got to be a genetic disorder. You have to be missing something to behave like that as a 30-something-year-old adult. Don’t you?

And I can’t help but thank God that I’ve never been that miserable a day in my life. (At least my ranting against the Concerned Citizens page wasn’t unprovoked, they had to trash my brother for two years before I begin to tell them to collectively f*** off.)

Because you haters demonstrate every time you do something like that — and I thank you for that, by the way — exactly how bright you think that I am.  Because if you spend that much time worrying about the words of somebody that you think is an idiot, you’ve got more problems than any of us can fix. So with every screen shot, it’s a demonstration to the fact that there’s truth in my words and when it burns a little bit too close to home — you can’t stand it. And if you’d like,   you can imagine a screenshot of my middle finger right now, along with how funny I find it that you need to screenshot my apology for being rude — because you’ve never seen rude from me.  And the way your whiny cowardly a-s conducts yourself on social media,  you better thank whatever God you pray to for that favor.

But let’s take a look at that — why it is it’s always some white person getting mad about something I said over the Confederate flag. This isn’t new. This isn’t something I invented! You think I made this sh-t up? This has been going on since the Confederacy existed. People who know that they’re not going to rise to the top of the food chain for any other reason have a need to believe that their supremacy lies in their skin tone. And they lose their sh-t over a white person like me reminding them of it. Those that know they’re not going to be at the top of society based on their looks — let’s be clear about that; or their intelligence — smart people spend their time reading books, intellectually-dented individuals spend their time screenshotting everybody else’s words so they can have an online conversation about them; and those who know it’s not their insane wealth that’s going to rise them to the top of the societal heap. So they’ve got nothing else but being white!

Again,  this is not new.  This is not something I invented! And you all are too intellectually inbred to even know that and you act like I’m the author of independent thought, here.

Just take a look at that. Take a look at why that stings. It’s particularly mind boggling to me and I found it a bit sad to continuously see the pathetic act of grown children of low income families suddenly subscribing to the politics that demonize people like their own parents. Does that make you feel more powerful? Perhaps it makes you feel better to create an alternative reality where you knock people who are raising children and, perhaps, struggling  — because there ain’t any of us around here that grew up “rich” — and with every redneck Republican breath demonize folks in situations like the one you were raised in.  And continuously promote politics and write words online that put them down . I can’t understand that concept.

Nor can I understand being given the gift of being a parent  — which you would think matures people a bit, particularly the hell of a child with a medical  condition — and still being the type of immature that worries about what other people say, so much so, that you continue conducting yourself in a manner that would be shameful for 14 year olds. 

You have been given the gift of a child, and then to be given the gift of living in the United States of America where you receive the best medical care possible — wow. Grow the f-ck up, read a book, find a friend. Whatever, just mature — now. And with a quickness.  You would think that one would get off facebook and go home and hug their babies a little bit tighter instead of congregating online like sad, overgrown juveniles. I mean what does it take for people of that mentality to actually grow the f-ck up, because if it’s not a sick child,  I don’t know what it would be.

But Misty, your family will continue to be in my prayers just like they have always been because I was raised with the mentality that to whom much is given, much is expected. And that means that it is my job to call out angry, bitter, white trash bigots. And I’m just doing my job. If you choose to put yourself in that category — and then conduct yourself in a manner so as to prove that you reeeeally deserve to be there — that’s your own problem and I can’t help you with that.  But remember with every screenshot of somebody else’s words, you make yourself, not me,  look bad and you make me feel really, really sad for your children.

Honey, I was born waddling with six toes on one foot, do you think I’ve ever lost a minute sleep over over what somebody —
particularly you (what would you have that I want?) — said or wrote about me? I would have  cowered in the corner in kindergarten if I let that bother me. But let me tell you, since obviously nobody else ever has, that jealousy doesn’t look good on anybody — and you reek of it.

Do your son a favor and mature a bit before he enters his adolescent years,  because if not,  it’s going to be really painful for the both of you.

Now you can continue back to your online Candi Mathis hating  party, and I’ll continue to use my words and my brain to fight for social justice, equality, and what I believe God commanded us to all fight for — love and each other — and you can kiss my short, book reading a-s. But remember,  while you’ve been going out of your way for months to randomly censor my words and pass them on,  I haven’t thought about you one time. So I’m living rent free in your head — which means, again,  I win.

And since we’re “friends”, I give the same advice to you that I give to many, go enjoy your precious children, and if you want to worry about something,  perhaps worry moreabout the size of your ever-expanding ass and less about my words and ongoing passion for equality.

I close by reminding you that yes,  I, despite how infuriating people like you find it, love black people. It’s the intellectually inbred white folk I’m struggling with.

My Uncle Chunky would tell me that I’m too big of a person to respond to trivial immaturity such as that and to just pray for people that shamelessly small, and my Memaw would tell me to light their a-s up. Truth is, when it comes to my mouth, I’ve always been more my mama’s daughter than I ever was my (though imagined) Uncle Chunky’s. And I may not even like my brother, but he kicked my a-s every other day, saying, “I don’t care how little you are, you don’t back down to anybody!”

I never have before, why should I start now? But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t publicly acknowledge how particularly pathetic and common I found your immature, two-faced actions.

And if I did something for you to grow up so envious and resentful of me, for that, I do apologize. Because I always thought I tried to be kind to everybody.

Until provoked.

(Written Jan 2016)


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