Matthew 22:37-40 King James Version (KJV)
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.  40  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

What? Jesus commanded to love your neighbor as yourself? But I don’t want to do that, God! I want my neighbor to NOT have health insurance because (I perceive) it might cost me an extra $0.15 cents a year. In “Jesus name”, of course. I don’t want food stamp assistance for that lady down the road with the three children she struggles to clothe and feed because that wh*re needs to get a job and stop sleeping around! Although, admittedly, I have no clue how she met the man that may have impregnated her two or three times and then walked off, what he did to her, or even — if I’m honest with myself — about the little kids that are hungry. Or that, without assistance, are stuck with a mother who must choose between sandwich meat and school shoes.

[Oh, sure, Food Stamp fraud exist. There are those that exploit it, but if you’re literate, you can read the research that tells us that that’s not what’s breaking us as a nation. We’re not broke because that fat lady down the road, the one that, really, could get a job gets her EBT card every month! We’re broke off of unpaid medical bills– yes,

as a nation — and off of 3 trillion dollars on unnecessary wars and giving padded contracts to companies like Halliburton, who gave Dick Cheney, former CEO, $35 million dollars when he ran for Vice President along with George Bush, and then, in return, the United States gave them a blank check, that was basically signed by the American people, to do shoddy work — work that they don’t even finish, work for the United States of America where we didn’t even accept competing bids from other contract services — for the “war on terror” in Iraq. That along with medical debt and Wall Street, that’s why as a nation we were going broke. Has nothing to do with how many “illigitimate” EBT cards are issued!]

I would much rather someone get assistance to eat, assistance that they don’t really need, than one child go to bed hungry or not have enough milk in their house in the United States of America in the 21st century. Wouldn’t you?! No, of course not, screams the modern day “Christian”. I mean, I don’t want kids to starve, I’m just saying just don’t want my tax dollars going towards it.

Riiiight. Because there’s this misconception that everybody that actually qualifies for food stamps should be able to pay the rent, their light bill, and pad their pantry on that $7/hr. The one that the “Christians” don’t want to increase because some Mitch McConnell, who managed to marry himself millions, convinces them that’s “it’s bad thing, a bad deal for America” to pay a living wage. Where they could, you know, actually do something like EARN ENOUGH to feed their kids. And it’s backed by so called Christians who say things like, “I had to go to cosmetology school for 18 months to be able to make what I make, you shouldn’t be able to work at McDonalds and get that pay slinging fries!” Right. Because it specifically says in the Bible that if you have to apply yourself for any length of time, then you should automatically be able to keep other people oppressed because maybe they didn’t have the opportunities that you had. It also reads that they should always be beneath you, due to your resentment over the fact that you had to actually work for anything in the first place. In fact, I think it was in Matthew somewhere…..or maybe the hateful bigots just made that up and it’s not in the Bible at all.

** eye roll **

This is socialism, they cry, but don’t ask me to define what socialism means. That is our “Muslim!” leader’s doing, they shout, but I don’t want to actually live but what Christ said. Or have you ask me to repeat it!

I’ve had it with the propagated Christian response to politics that are disgusting. Politics that jump on everything that the President says, and they use Biblical reasoning to do so, when it’s clear that they don’t apply Biblical principle anywhere in their politics, and in some cases — yep, I’ll say it — their life.

As a nation, we were spending eight hundred and fifty million more dollars a year then we would spend if we had any other nation’s health care system. By that, I mean any one of the other globally dominant developed nations’ health care systems. They all have a form of universal health care. Australia, Canada –pick one! Either system, if we implemented it, would save us the $850 million dollars (on average) that we were wasting by not providing an affordable form of healthcare.

Did Jesus ask Mary and Martha to make sure he was covered by Lazarus’ HMO before raising him from the dead? Hell, he’d been that way for 4 days, why not just leave him. It’s “probably for the best!” I mean, that’s what the current Republican consensus would say, right? Especially if he wasn’t white. And we know he wasn’t! Probably a “thug” Jyay God’s will that he die, right? Or….What about the leper? Did Jesus ask for payment or an insurance card before he healed him? Of course not, he healed him anyway! He fraternized with prostitutes and told them that they were loved! God even included a prostitue in the genolgy of Jesus Christ. They could’ve left that out, we wouldn’t know. But God didn’t. Jesus didn’t . He was Jesus — a bleeding heart liberal. So, not only is there no Jesus in this “christian” reasoning for repealing Obamacare, it doesn’t even make economical or financial sense!

This $850 is coming from the most successful president of our lifetime, don’t give me that Ronald Reagan I’m going to arm Iran and just claim” I didn’t know” BS, Mr. President Bill Clinton. And with the exception of who he got his “prizes” from in a game of semantics, that man has never lied to me. And believe me, Ive spent the majority of my life checking. And he’s always told me the truth when it comes to the best political course for the nation. And he’s never steered me wrong. In fact, that’s where the irrational Clinton hatred comes from. Or the Rudy Giulianis, who hate people like President Obama, and why — because no matter how much money, no matter how much power, they know that the Hillary and Bill Clintons, the president Obamas, as a communicator, as a political scientist, as a humanitarian, when they’re allowed to sit in a group with normal people and talk to them about policies, problems, national security, it becomes increasingly clear to the majority who is and is not filled with compassion, understanding, and knowledge. Versus who is filled with self-importance and BS. Let alone, facts — you know, FACTS, data that make sense. Not Fox news “facts”. And the Rudy Giulianis, the ones at the top that cannot buy their way, do things like individually drop 2.5 million dollars a piece (to dig in the Clintons trash) on hiring people to find dirt on them. And let me tell you, if you want to spend 2.5 million dollars to dig up some dirt on me– you’re probably going to find some. When if you just listen to what come out of my mouth, I’d probably tell you most of it for free. Well, scratch free…I think I paid $22 for Hillary’s last book.

This mindset — soap opera-style  cheat if you have to, because you can’t win, because as a political scientist, you can’t compare; you can’t win because as a humanitarian, you cannot compare — is nauseating. On a global and national level, you cannot compare with the way people respond to them and listen to them and with the drive in which they embrace the chance to change, not only the nation, but the world. So, in return, you do what you can do to try to buy enough garbage and when you can’t find it, you fabricate it — is sickening! And it makes me ashamed. The same people that shout “Benghazi!” but have no idea that the republican-controlled congressional panel, duh, because it’s republican-controlled Congress, report that was finally released after stalling (well, of course!) found no cover up, or wrongdoing by Hillary. And there are 11 of those reports that found no “cover up” or wrong doing by the Secretary of State or the Obama administration. But these guys know that! Still, they write books like the ‘Blood War’ about the Obama and the Clintons and the Walmarts sell out of them because that’s what those “Christian” Fox News watching “political scholars” want in their stocking in celebration of Christ’s birth. You betcha! Why– because it’s easier to appeal to your prejudices and your hate and your lack of knowledge than it is to tell you the truth. And yet, when the country gets together in an election, as they did in 2012, when the voters actually turned out, and they turn out at presidential elections, that doesn’t win with a majority of America. Thank the God you claim to pray to and the Christ you claim to serve for that not so small favor! And they know that! They know that.

So, you have to ask yourself…the only other time in United States history that the government shutdown was when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House and Bill Clinton was president…and what did it shut down over? The same thing it shut down over this time: health care. Why? So this party of people that claim sooooo loudly and relentlessly to be Christians, hmmm… have shut down the government twice over affordable healthcare? Healthcare?! Just so that everyone can go to the doctor and not have — example from somebody I know personally, here — a stint in their freaking kidney and be told that they have to cough up the $14,000 medical bill that it only took them a week to send, AFTER INSERTING THE STINT THEMSELVES in the emergency room, before they will take it out! . That’s Christian politics? That’s what Jesus commanded? That even though it’s costing you $850 million more dollars as a nation, we’re going to make a crap-ton of stuff up because we assume you’re too stupid and too redneck to understand the difference, and we’re going to go on Fox News and tell you that that’s the way God wants it — I mean, those little brown people or women with children by multiple fathers, God doesn’t love them like you, that’s implied. You know, that’s just Jesus’ word! He hates ‘queers!’ — maybe we should also take a look at what Jesus DIDN’T say about them –and he would rather you waste 850 million dollars as a nation than help out your brothers and sisters. Who are just seeking to be healed when sick?? And you know so all because some chick with her boobs exposed, and a lucrative contract to say what she’s told, on television told you so?! Interesting. But that’s what Jesus would do, right? That’s the basis of your argument? Jesus? Because you know, he’s like..white, so is Santa Claus…haha, I’m just kidding. Isn’t that the narrative?

No, of course not. Of course the actual internal dialouge of those at the top is much different.. Of course the folks that perpuate this aren’t stupid enough to actually believe it! They just hope you are. There’s a reason they have fought so hard against health care. There’s a reason that money has begin dominating campaigns. I’ve got 28 mailers in my box in the last County election and I only received them from the Democratic Party. It takes money to get elected and increasingly so, as we’ve seen with the Koch brothers stating that they will spend 1 billion dollars to beat Hillary, it takes money to run. Now, why would someone with a billion dollars to throw away do so to get a Republican in the White House? Is it because they believe that Democrats are ruining the Christianity of what is supposed to be a secular nation? Oh, no doubt, they’ll tell you that and hope that you’ll believe it. But if I had a billion dollars and I’m a Christian and I wanted to make a difference in the lives of Americans, would I not start with building after-care centers? Would I not start with going into the ghettos and into the inner cities and spending some money on daycares and education? Why not start scholarship programs? Why not build homes for single mothers? I mean, wow, how would that change their lives to build a $80,000 home for a single mother that struggles — with a billion CHARITABLE dollars at my disposal, I could do a lot of that. Of course they’re not spending a billion to help their fellow Americans, just like those Newt Gingriches aren’t/weren’t shutting down the government over health care because it will help their fellow Americans. They do it because that money driven into the Republican Party (and it happens on the Democratic side as well) but the money thrown at the Democratic and Republican Party for campaign funds, it’s usually by somebody who wants a return on their investment. Duh! Sometimes it’s environmental groups that want to see elected officials who care about the earth. They want to see officials who don’t deny that man had anything to do with the climate change while we have seals in the thousands that washed up on the shores of California that are being driven out of the water and are starving to death, and then we we claim that God has done this, right? Man has nothing to do with damaging the earth, because… you know, God wanted his own animals to starve in their natural habitat. (Are Republicans kidding me with this shit?!) So a lot of the times the donation comes from groups that want a result, but overwhelmingly with the Republican Party, it comes from a group that wants a nominal return on their investment. The Koch brothers will spend a billion dollars to buy the election because of what they will get in return when they elect people like Mitt Romney that protect corporations. The Newt Gingriches shut down the government over health care because of the CFO’s padding their pockets don’t want universal health care because it takes away from how many million dollar vacation homes that they have across the globe. This is not, and has never been, difficult, y’all.

But what is difficult to me is how infuriating it is that people use Jesus Christ as a reason to be a selfish, greedy, bigot of an a*shole. You fight me and you tell me anytime I present you with FACTS that I’m going to hell and I’m the biggest hypocrite you’ve ever seen….blah, blah, you mindless, lesbian, liberal midget…. blah, blah… but listen to the stuff that comes out of your mouth. Out of the Republicans’ mouths on a national level. Hello– the American Family Association. Scary, brainwashed bigots that talk about ‘queers and Beyonce!’ and they preach some of the most vile stuff that I’ve ever heard, so much so that the Southern Poverty Law Center list them as a hate group, and they are funding a trip to Israel for the Republican National committee! You cannot make this kind Biblically claimed prejudice and ‘Christian’ backed financing up.

Disgusting people. And the defense of them — equally disgusting! It’s disgusting and even though you get mad at my studies and you get mad the things I post — there’s no doubt in my mind that yes, there is a link that, in mass numbers, those that subscribe to conservative politics and racism…are just….well, not as bright as the rest of us. It sickens me, it makes me angry and every day it gets worse. Long before Oprah made famous the Biblical verse that to whom much is given much is expected, my uncle Chucky always taught me a similar thing. As did the rest of my family. That, be it financial or in so many other ways, we were blessed. And my uncle Chucky always pointed out when you’re smart, you have an obligation to help those that, maybe, aren’t. I don’t get the selfishness that is taking over the Republican Party. And although you could say I was raised to be a Democrat, it’s more accurate to say that I was born to be one. As I will always align myself with those who use their brain, and their education, and their heart, and their compassion, and their gift as a communicator to fight for those who haven’t been given those same opportunities.

(Written 2-21-15)


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