Here’s what I think of David Shaw’s statement.


It’s not that I mind David Shaw calling the South stupid — I do that everyday — it’s that there’s a fundamental difference in saying that, as a whole, the south is generally a bunch of intellectually inbred, unintelligent, backwards hicks, and saying the south is incapable of producing more than one intelligent person per state that would qualify for admission into an elite institution. It is also a bit silly given that one of the most notable Stanford alum — Condoleezza Rice — is an Alabama girl. Hell, she knew the four girls who were killed in the bombing of the church in Birmingham. I guess she’s one of the “ones” Coach Shaw singled out.

Generalizing the south as stupid is  not surprising or even infuriating on its own, given that as an intelligent person living in the South, I’m painfully aware that there are a lot of dumb bunnies hopping around here. It’s that the assertion that we are incapable of producing intelligent athletes or intelligent individuals
deserves rebuking. Let’s not forget, Bill Clinton, a  Rhodes Scholar, came out of Arkansas and Peyton Manning was a product of the merger of Mississippi genes that was raised in the hot seat of ignorance, Louisiana.

Let’s also not overlook the fact that Jameis Winston was admitted to and recruited by Stanford. That boy sounds almost illiterate when he speaks, and yet hidden behind that Gomer Pyle facade was a brain bright enough to rank admission into that aforementioned selective university. And he — wait for it — hails from Alabama. I can’t believe that Jaboo is the only one, can you?

It’s no question when we elect representatives like Matt Bevin or  Tom Cotton that the majority of people here may be two Corinthians short of a Bible, but the claim that we can only produce one, maybe two, intelligent kids who play ball is just silly. And a bit arrogant. I bet Cardinals girl, Condi, might have something to say about that.


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