What does your hatred of me say about you.

Polls show over and over again that the groups that find the Confederate flag most offensive are African Americans, far-left liberals, and the highly educated. This piece by the Washington Post breaks down a study that showed just how little history those “it’s my history” flag lovers knew. So when you hate me because of my hatred for it; for my research and writing on the subject, to the point that you are willing to STALK my online existence — just think about what that says about you. The only group polled that rivals African Americans in their disdain of this particular hate symbol, are those with Masters degrees and up.

Accept that.

Dissent makes you white or dumb. Or in most cases, both.

Over the years, you’ve spammed my inbox, littered my page, tagged me when I ignored you and interrupted my football watching with your borderline psychotic obsessions with attempting to push back at truth (while reading none of the links to DATA that I post)  in attempts to get me to “debate” you.

You can’t debate history, dawg! It’s already happened and you can’t change it! Which is why those that know it, know the REAL meaning behind the Civil War; the real meaning behind the biggest domestic terrorist organization in our nation’s history, and the truth behind the symbol of their cause.

Why would I waste my time engaging you! You’re just wrong!

When you fly the flag of the Confederacy — the flag of those who fought against the United States — you might as well fly an ISIS flag along with it. Because what you’re supporting is terrorism, only domestic instead of foreign.

If you don’t like my words, don’t read them. But your attempts to get me to battle with you on subjects where you’re both irrational and wrong, haven’t warranted my response now for going on about 3 years.

The “debate” is over, dude — closed. Obama is an American, the Confederate flag is racist, gay marriage is legal, hate clubs only feed my ego, and some of y’all need some damn exercise.

Do something with your lives, FB — I’m trying! And when you see me on the set of Ellen while she’s holding her copy of ‘Jesus Was Not a White Man, and Stop Telling Me You Have Black Friends: A Southern Girl’s Guide To Saying What Nobody Else Will’ then you’ll know I succeeded.

And I’ll make fun of all the times you lost your internet mind over me in it, too.


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