Response to “Open Letter to University of Tennessee lawsuit Jane Does”

I know as a good liberal feminist I’m not supposed to say this, but when the brave victims of sexual assault come forward to tell their stories, they always do so with the same intention — so that no other woman will have to go through what they did. They don’t always come forward with previously unheard accusations while seeking tuition reimbursement just a few weeks after a near million-dollar settlement from Florida State University was granted to a woman who couldn’t put forth a believable enough account of an assault for Tallahassee Police Department or the District Attorney’s office to find it a credible allegation. Why didn’t Ms. Kirby just address Peyton Manning’s accuser and demand we acknowledge her as well?  Oh, because she was involved in habitual frivolous litigation. Maybe?

Just because these kids play a violent sport doesn’t mean that they’re all violent men, just because a white woman accuses a black male doesn’t mean that she’s incapable of lying, and just because a disgusting, sickening, reprehensible attack took place at Vanderbilt University in a football dorm doesn’t mean that all football players are Brandon Vandenburg. And just because allegations of assault perpetrated by athletes are all the national media wants to focus on, doesn’t mean the problem isn’t widespread.

I wish Ms. Kirby had addressed her letter to all survivors of sexual assault. Because when she doesn’t, and when she makes the assertion that all of the allegations are true — she labels our school a rape haven, our boys of fall a team of predators, and Coach Jones a borderline sociopathic monster who cares more about pigskin than the lives of women.

Based on the evidence at my disposal, without a day in court,  I’m not ready to make that assertion — are you?


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