One more thing…

One more thing I wanted to say because once I start thinking about all the stuff I want to go off about, I  don’t stop. I drank enough latte today to realize I’ve had enough of this sh-t over the last seven years.

But I wanted to make this point clear:  I’ve never made fun of anybody for their economic status a day in my life. How could I? I’m the descendant of some cattle raising farmers and one drunk horse riding doctor.  I’ve never judged anybody for what they come from, and that’s not my intentions now. Nor was it my intentions in the blasting of some of the seemingly illiterate as-clowns who run others down for their own amusement. In fact,  I’m the only 18 year old I know that was going to college, waiting tables and adopting Christmas angels because that’s what my mama had always done (putting presents under our tree for Christmas angels), so I did.

It’s just that some of the character attacks that have been publicly launched at me over the last few years simply because I like Barack Obama have been childish and ridiculous.  And it’s about time I started speaking some hard,  necessary truth.

So I’m not attempting to run anybody down for their socioeconomic status,  it’s just that when you’re bitter about your upbringing until you can’t even act like an adult; refer to me as a “prep” or a “spoiled brat” and you start making Facebook post about me — yes, this actually happened — saying some unfounded and dumb ass shit like, “Well… you heard that I hadn’t had a job in 10 years so I must get food stamps if I don’t work, how else could I live if I didn’t work other than off the government,  and that’s probably why I’m a Democrat because I get food stamps.”  

Too damn ridiculous to know how stupid and how much of an a-s you were making of yourself
when you post something like  that because whoever it was we both used to run around with that told you gossip like I didn’t have a “job” was too incomplete to finish that gossip by saying that, at certain times in my life, if  I wasn’t working, it’s because I had two pieces of real estate with my name on it that I owned outright. outright. Also too stupid to realize that the time they were posting on their personal page about “me not having a job so I must get food stamps from the government like most Democrats,” was a time when I got up at 5:30 everyday to take care of two kids that weren’t even mine.  If that’s not  “work,” I don’t know what is.

Politicians tell you that sh-t because they think that, particularly in the south, you’re  too stupid to know any better. They think white people sitting around in their trailers with their EBT cards cursing Barack Obama will get the message if they imply, subtly, that they’re only talking about black people, so that when they run down people who may, at some point, depend on government assistance — with voters too ignorant to realize that’s the bulk of the southern Republican white base — that that slur only involves black people, so it’s okay for them to go around spouting that “I obviously got my political education from Sean Hannity” bullsh-t.

People aren’t Democrats because they use food stamps, idiot.  I’m not a Democrat because of those allegations:  those like I must have food stamps (I don’t ), I must live off the government (I never did), and I’m not a Democrat because the party that saved the nation during the Great Depression and the one that brought us desegregation of our armed military forces and then of the rest of the nation, want to just give out “free shit.”

I’m a Democrat because our presidents created social systems that sustain decades (FDR). And because our Presidents leave us four balanced budgets when they hold office.  (If confused,Google Bill Clinton.)  These ass clowns from high school that ride in the douche canoe that’s become Facebook say these things because they’re too politically ignorant to understand that people are Democrats because they come from long lines of people that depended on good-paying union jobs to buy their farm land and raise their families, and they’re trying to keep them. People are Democrats because they don’t want to lose another 40 Grand in their retirement accounts when a George W Bush repeat holds the White House. People are Democrats because they came from grandfathers who fought in the Army, the Navy, and served in the National Guard and and as descendents of
the generation that stormed the beach at Normandy to bring World Peace, they don’t want to see their countrymen go to war just to protect rich men’s oil interests.

And people are Democrats because we’re not sold and swindled by the corporate- interests-protecting politicians that come along and try to distract you from the fact that you’re voting against your own interests by presenting you a present of some science-denying bullsh-t simply by wrapping it up in some “guns and Jesus!” paper, tying with with a shiny, big no abortion bow, and presenting it to you with a fabricated version of The Gipper card. But they’re probably too dumb to even know who The Gipper is.

Some of the character assassination that have been been thrown my way (and only thrown when you have an audience), are not only ridiculous,  they don’t even make sense.

I just want to clarify that I’m not making fun of anybody who struggles — that’s why I’m a Democrat, to protect the interests of real people, struggling and otherwise, and not the interests of people like the Koch brothers.

I’m making fun of people that are still bitter over their childhood and using that as a reason to bash everybody else they don’t like, or run down the working poor the minute they get $2 in the bank, or start trashing people (via their politics) that might be raising their children in the same kind of environment they grew up in.

Now  I think I’m done.

F-ck off, haters.


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