Lin-Manuel Miranda performing the John Adams rap that was cut from the musical Hamilton.

Some background on Alexander Hamilton for those that don’t know. He was an undersized, scrappy kid who just wouldn’t quit. Every time life hit him hard, treated him unfairly,  he poured himself into a stack of books. And when people pissed him off, wow– he took to paper. He repeatedly crossed  “boundaries” and he refused to be nice when people were wrong; refused to tame his words in print when founders threw shade his way; he used his writing to scortch them, and to fight for his cause; and he refused to quit. And in the end,  it was his venom on paper — his writing — that destroyed Alexander’s Hamilton’s political career — because he just couldn’t back down. But he took everybody out  with him that he intended to,  including President John Adams. He put pen-to-paper to call attention to unethical behavior, and to take those pompous, arrogant  son-of-a-b*tches that cared more about making a name for themselves than they did their own nation.  So yes, Alexander Hamilton, like Bobby Kennedy, is my soulmate and Lin-manuel Miranda is my spirit animal. And I run up and down my Memaw’s hill with ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack on repeat. And if you don’t watch this at least once a day, I don’t know if we can be friends.


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