Thank you, Mr. Trump, and may I have another?

There’s something that I’ve been shouting about since the start of last summer, but the longer the rhetoric goes on the angrier I get. The Rio Grande is in the middle of Mexico and America. A flipping river, people. This is not, like, hard information. It’s not like you have to be a scholar of Mexican geography to know something that simple. If you’re from the southwest, it’s probably innate.
I learned it as a kid from a Reba McEntire song about immigration.

There’s only one of the Great Lakes that lies entirely in the United States. Four of them we share with Canada. What if the Canadian Prime Minister woke up  one day and was sick of our obesity, our citizens sneaking into their country to get affordable prescription medications and our increasing inability to adequately educate our population. What if they decided they were tired of the flippant self-serving love of guns we have that trumps (pun intended) our love of people. What if they woke up and said, “You know, when America sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending fat asses; they’re sending the uninsured; they’re bringing grease; they’re bringing assault rifles; and, I’m sure, some are good people.”

What if Canada decided to build a wall to keep our ignorance out. And that, effectively, meant  buildng a dam — because that’s what a wall in the middle of a body of water would be. The environmental implications in that ought to be obvious, but if it’s not, the fact that such construction would violate international treaties should be.

If Donald Trump really wants to start bringing American jobs back, he could start by imposing cessation of the manufacturing of his clothing line that are stitched in various sweatshops in five different nations. His daughter was recently under fire (no pun intended)  for having some of the Ivanka Trump scarves she markets manufactured in sweatshops in China and they hit the shelves not meeting the standards in America required for flame retardant material.  The shirt manufacturer Van Huesen stated to the New York Times that during the negotiation discussions that led to producing a line of shirts that bore Mr. Trump’s name, Donald Trump never once mentioned his desire to produce shirts that were manufactured in America. He never even brought it up — it wasn’t important; it wasn’t an issue. If you factor in the undocumented polish immigrants Mr. Trump used to build the Trump Towers, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the only thing that Donald Trump has his name on that was actually made by Americans is his Boeing 757. And then he has the nerve to stand up in South Carolina and lie about that. He lied about Boeing, he lied about their manufacturing, he lied about the one product that actually has his name on it that was made here in America by Americans and that produced American jobs.

Donald Trump is a liar. Donald Trump is a fraud. And of all the things that I could point out, of all the things that I’ve written exposing his inaccuracies and ridiculousness, the fact that the one that’s most easily debunked is the one that is his catchphrase — oh, it’s just so disheartening to see.

We’re smarter than this, America. You’re being baited,  you’re being played, you’re being used like a cheap $2 hooker that’s not even getting a couple George Washingtons thrown her way at the end of the dirty deed.

You’re just getting screwed for free and screaming for more.

So sad to see.


I was so excited when someone directed me to a John Oliver segment where he points all of this out. Some of us have been screaming it for almost a year. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor — watch it.


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