Again, everyday something that is written on my blog has been shared on Facebook by people that I don’t know (or aren’t Facebook friends with, rather) to their Facebook,  and I realize just how good I am at what I do. Of course they share it so that they can talk about me, make fun of me, and call me the “dumbest person in Dickson” — as if that makes sense. And it’s small scale. But I can’t help but thinking if I continue to remain that damn good at pissing white redneck people off, the 60% portion of the nation that’s sane just might turn me into an author on the New York Times bestseller list. I just might be related to my brother after all! Finding a way to turn a profit off exercising your smart-a*s mouth is certainly a gift my brother’s been given! (Ha!)

And they prove every damn day just how gifted I am at enraging ignorant ass white people. And they only add to the ease of that talent when they hang on to my every word.

They’re just salivating waiting for words. That’s power, son. Pooooower!


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