God is good, people are crazy.


I just remembered one day one of my stalkers had posted an ecard and I found it hilarous (yeah, NOT this one), and when I clicked on the album that they had uploaded it to, I realized there were about 70. And since I don’t read newsfeed, had never seen them, and found them side-splitting hilarious —  I read through them. I commented on a couple and told the person that I was reading their ecards because I found them hysterical. They came back and said,”What, are you just going through my photos?” I said, no, you posted one ecard which led me to the others, and since I believed that you had shared them because you wanted people to read them, I did — I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed them, and I thought they were genius! They responded with, ” I don’t mind I guess, I just wondered why you were going through my photos.”

Like I just told you, dawg!

I never forgot how this person was intending to make me feel like a creeper which struck me as odd and turns out the whole time they were stalking my page and copy and posting my post to group pages (well, they were one of them). My point: If someone strikes you as shady,  trust your instinct. There are some whacked-out people in this world, even ones you went to school with. If you get the feeling that someone may not be emotionally all there or sane, take note. And then do your homework.  We all like to take for granted that these people are just basket cases online, but  I watch enough Dateline to know people are basket cases in real life.

I’m starting to think the whole world is  crazy. (Cue: murders in Ohio.)

If I end up shot dead while out running, or the latest victim of a hit and run, I just want you to know it wasn’t an ex boyfriend. Ha! This is what goes through my head when I exercise. I should stop reading true crime.

I’m intentionally melodramatic here, but the truth is — anyone you went to high school with willing to suddenly call you a “midget” (yes, that’s actually happened) simply for being a friend of Barack Obama, clearly comes in two Corinthians short of a Bible.



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