Super Tuesday 4.

Lastly, as we say goodbye to this night in election history  that will never be here again, I leave you with this:


I bet if I were watching Fox News right now, this is the part where they would be trying to convince Democrats excited about the fact that Pennsylvania sealed the deal for Hillary  that we should be worried about it going red in the fall based on the strong Republican primary showing tonight.

Not happening, people. Hillary, in all probability, will carry the majority of Sanders supporters. But if you think that all of Kasich and Cruz supporters will actually cast a ballot for Donald Trump, yeah — it’s not happening!  Trump supporters are hard core.

Then, there’s sanity. Sanity prevails, or trumps, every time. Particularly among female voters. PA hasn’t went red in ages, debates make or break candidacy, and Hillary Rodham Clinton will kick Donald Trump’s overcombed arse in a presidential debate in a manner so grotesque they may not even be able to air it during primetime.

Just you wait… (cue ‘Hamilton’)

As we put this one to bed, let me call attention to the fact that tonight a man that has never served his fellow man in any capacity (Trump) who never gave one actual dollar to charitable donations in the “millions in charitable donations” he keeps referencing took his primary win moment to refer to a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton — a well-traveled and well-regarded former first lady of Arkansas for four terms; former law professor at the University of Arkansas, one who used her ivy league law degree to fight for the children’s legal defense fund; the most sought-after woman in the world for two terms as the First Lady of the United States, the only one to ever have her office in the West Wing; twice elected senator from a state of 20 million; Secretary of State who traveled over a hundred thousand miles, visited hundreds of nations and spent the equivalent of almost four months in the air — as having no other qualifications other than “being a woman.”

I don’t know if he believes that undereducated, angry white men are ignorant enough to believe that, or he’s just a misogynistic dick. It’s so infuriating it makes me want to puke.

I thought sexism, like racism, was supposed to be dead, GOP?

* GAG! *

I can’t wait until November.

Good night, Super Tuesday 4. I looooved you!


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