Tuesdays are Super, after all!

I sooooo enjoy this tap dance we seem to get every so many Tuesdays.  When we get to watch that orangutan in a suit strut around like a mule who thought he’d just won the Kentucky damn Derby, too clueless to understand that he’s done something like pull 500,000 votes in a state of 20 million (New York).


Hillary + Bernie’s showing certainly wasn’t anything to brag about, as we’ve got to find a way to get people to vote!

But the implications are obvious: Trump is headed for an ass whooping in November.

I also enjoy the game that I play every time there’s a primary held where I make a list of the five things that Trump has to hit on that night, sit back and cross them off.

1. We’re going to win on trade. We don’t win on trade anymore.

2. I will be so tough on China.

3. I will bring back jobs like you wouldn’t believe.

4. I will build that wall and Mexico will pay for it.

5. I’ll make our military so strong again that nobody will mess with us.

And without fail, he says the same bunch of nothing every single time a microphone is shoved in his spray tanned face.

Here’s a tip, Trump, top military generals — the ones that you say “can’t win” anymore — don’t change with presidential administrations,  and the people that you are insulting, could possibly end up serving you,  asshole.  No nation has attacked us on our own soil since Pearl Harbor. Because,  Hiroshima.


We don’t need to make our military “strong,”  our men and women are already the finest fighting forces in the history of mankind and to quote Barack Obama — it’s not even close.

I’m going to enjoy watching this ignorant twat tumble down the general election stairs.

And he’s so oblivious, he doesn’t even see it coming. He’s on the other end of looking at a 12 million vote butt kicking similar to the one the Democratic party handed John McCain. Only instead of “Sarah Palin” being number two, she is now at top of the ticket and named Donald Trump.  It could be even worse.

And I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.


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