Re: Letters to the Tennessean, Amendment 1.

I’m a Democrat who voted for Bill Haslam. Not because I wanted to,  but because I needed my vote on amendments to the state constitution to count.  It was not an uncontested race as stated, it’s just that the candidates that did exist were not serious ones. This is also not new information. It’s not a “political agenda.”  It is not a sole decision of a judge, it is stated in the Tennessee Constitution. It was also disclosed by publications like the Tennessean and the Chattanooga Times Free Press. If one wanted their vote on amendments to count, they had to cast a ballot in the gubernatorial race.

It’s infuriating that readers who most likely listened to the millions of dollars spent to mislead them — voices that, strangely enough,  were encouraging them to abstain from casting a ballot in the gubernatorial race — are the same ones that want to decide what kind of healthcare I get, when I get it, and where I get it. Why are medical decisions not left to professionals, instead of voters who clearly lack the ability to correctly interpret printed words or enough independence to seek access to vastly distributed information?

It’s also incredulous that someone would care enough to cast a vote in favor of amending the state constitution to give the legislature permission to pass restrictions they are forbidden from passing per that same document, but not enough to make their voice heard  for our state’s highest elected office.

They ran me!


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