About that ‘very good brain.’


It always leaves me shaking my head when I see political pundits and journalists — even those who despise him — say that Donald Trump is a “smart man.”  Or that Donald Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. Oh, Donald Trump knows what he’s doing. But so does a cat when it instinctively uses the litter box, but it’s still just taking a sh-t.

Trump is an extortionist. He’s an opportunist. He’s an incoherently dishonest “businessman” whose business deals ridiculously include the repetitive use of someone’s else bad fortune, misery, or naivety (and sometimes outright fraud) to turn a profit.

Smart men don’t consult themselves on foreign policy when they have zero experience, citing their “very good brain” and the fact that they’ve “said a lot of smart stuff” as proof of their readiness to lead on “day one.”

Of course, there’s also the “morning shows” he consults for nuclear advice.

Feel safe, yet?

I’m torn between believing Donald Trump is a bully because he’s just a textbook narcissist, and because it’s not-so-cleverly masked insecurity over the fact that Donald Trump truly, truly knows he’s dumb.

But please, for the love of election season, pundits — stop referring to Trump as a “smart man” when Trump can’t even process what three-year- olds know. That “bigley” is not the right word. 

It’s  — cue 3 year old in pig tails — “reeeally big, Can Can!”


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