Dear World:

Leave Prince alone.

Even if he did die of a drug overdose, it’s not as if everybody wasn’t assuming that anyway. And, again, even if he did, it’s nobody’s business but his family’s. It doesn’t change his music and it’s not like drug addiction is a character or moral flaw.

The day that we stop treating drug addiction and alcoholism like it’s a character defect is the day we might actually start making progress toward solving it.

Every time somebody who made significant contributions to society, whether it’s artistic or humanitarian, dies in a manner in which we deem less than ideal, we have a tendency to start attacking them post-mortem and ripping apart their life as if the way they died changes the way in which they lived.

When we succeed in removing the shame and secrecy that correlate with the stigma attached to addiction, we will FINALLY have made the leap to actually being ready to do something about it.

Until we meet in that Purple Rain, friend — Rest In Peace.


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