Life as me.

So if you came here to this link and you weren’t directed here by me, and instead were directed from a FB group site, congratulations on being one of my stalkers. Why don’t you mind-numbingly unoriginal, unintelligent, unattractive and overweight pitiful people get yourself some exercise and a good psychiatrist. Everyday you worry about a word that I write is another day that I dominate.
But, again,  congratulations on being one of those people online that are so obsessed with me.  They make medication that can help you with that, you know.

Medical professionals can help — seek them. And remember, creepers, God loves you; everyone else thinks you’re miserable asshole.

Since it’s obvious they won’t share other posts, I’ll paste one here:

Then, I’ll even type this out to make it easier for folks like Misty Dantico to digest (below). Lord knows human trash and the internet groups it marinates in needs all the assistance it can get.

I think we all know which alcohol fueled absent mother likes  to help that thing named Misty Dantico,  formerly named Misty Mahan, that likes to stalk my social media and wait for my posts, but (as written below)  the problem I’m having is that I care about embarrassing children even when I don’t care about embarrassing them. But I’m starting to care less. If I write on my blog that means I don’t care if you read it.  What I care about is the same people that stalked me on Facebook and had me blocked continuing to stalk me on my blog and cowardly sharing in matters that would be shameful for juveniles. This culture of bullying and cowardness needs to be addressed. If 12 year olds behaved this way, they would be suspended. So grown adults that conduct themselves in a manner such as this deserve to be shamed.  So I have a feeling I’m about to write another column, this one about bullying, for the local paper. And in this one is going to include everyone,  including Misty, on that list — and attached to their actions.

The first and last names of the regulars on the gossip page will be called out in print. I’m sure that’s really embarrassing for their children,  it would be for me if my parent acted that way, and I’m just not sure it’s the right thing to do. But I’m sick of the cowardness online.

Be waiting for it.

Your children, your children’s teachers, your neighbors, coworkers, your boss may not hang out on that gossip page where you feel comfortable, but they may read the paper. I think it’s time to let the whole town know who you really are, don’t you? People grant themselves such anonymity and protection, or they think, behind a phone screen.


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