Misty Mahan Dantico 2.0 — Thanks for the help!

Oh, I must have gotten the widdle gossip groups attention again, because within an hour or so of that last post, I had 200+ views of that one entry that were directed from Facebook (who weren’t referred from my page) and they started submitting comments on my blog! Ha!

I can’t describe the anger I feel, not at a bunch of rejects trying to internet harass me, but the anger I feel over realizing that if you did this to some middle or high school kids — when people are — could you imagine the ways kids are tormented before they kill themselves? I can’t even imagine! It’s terrible!

This chick & miserable Co. shares anything related to my life, but refuses to share the entries where I insult her or her group of unattractive, perverse douche nozzles still real-life backlashing at rejection from high school . Even the one titled “Hey skank, share this!”

Too stupid to realize that (1)  when she directs traffic to my blog, she’s directing them to everything that’s on there (including the post she wanted removed) and (2) as soon as she shares a blog entry to Facebook, I can edit it and replace it with the information she doesn’t want anybody to read and she directed them directly to it. These stalkers aren’t bright, huh?

I’ll be sure and include this all in my column, because this behavior is so disturbing. People like this are really sick and, I’m assuming, that’s how people raise sick children — being immature, imbalanced, envious whack jobs themselves — and sick children torment other children.

How were these individuals allowed to breed?

The first letter I ever submitted to The Tennessean made the Sunday edition, which, once ran online, then gave me a “published” b*tch-somebody-out piece. Which is what these sites like Salon, The Hill want to see as references when you submit articles. They also like to be linked to your blog sites to view samples of your work before they decide to publish you.

I assume that these internet bullies think that you’ll just go away and stop writing because they found a way to stalk your blog site or share your posts on shaming sites. But here’s how it works: Some sites that run your stuff give you five hundred bucks a pop, some $250, some nothing — but more important, you get the prestige. One or two articles is enough to get other sites looking at you, and the more people that hate on my words over the Confederacy (which is exactly why this one particular skeeze is so psychotically obsessed with me), the more your words have weight.

Pretty soon, one or two pieces turns to that gig at the HuffPo. (Or at least it sure did for crazy cat man and warped Bernie-or-Bust world leader, H.A. Goodman.) I think it’s cute that these dickass think they can use personal posts to shame me and harass me for their entertainment, but every view on my my blog — even those views that are rooted in the want to belittle a human for the fun of it — ADDS to my traffic and increases my marketability.

And this isn’t the only blog site I post at, numbnuts.
They are helping me by “hurting” me. Over 400 views from strangers in one day. These jackasses, man. Like candy. From a baby.

Yet, perhaps we should acknowledge the sickening truth that if nine out of ten children have witnessed cyberbullying, there’s a good chance that the child doing the bullying, is a child of a cyberbully themselves.

That’s messed up.





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