Misty Mahan Dantico — at it again.

So my blog just informed me that I had one referrer from “Facebook review.”  That means she — who is blocked from my Facebook and still sharing, or benefiting from, the sharing of my blog post to Facebook group pages (since she can no longer copy and paste my personal Facebook post) — had someone from my friends list or that FB group report me to Facebook to try to get any of my blog links deleted. (Or me banned again.)

It’s possible I’ve been spammed, but if I get kicked off again, FB, it’s been fun. And if anybody wants to report her to Facebook,  I’m not going to stop you or complain.

Truly, I wish I knew how to screenshot on this phone. I would post the views on my blog that are up to 601 now from just this morning. Along with the one search engine for “Candi Mathis blog” that led them to my WordPress site. Which I think we can all guess who that was — Sally McStalk who used to work at Sonic after I said that wasn’t the only blog I had.

She was clearly searching for any others I may write on. (Hell, in addition to the ones I use, I have blog names I don’t even use, but can. Just like I took Candice Mathis and Candi Mathis on Twitter but only use one.)

These f-ckers are mental, y’all.
Really, I’m starting to believe she’s like Fatal Attraction, boiling bunnies in pots and sh-t.


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