A voice with dream.  A life with a cause.  Close to 50 years later, he still moves us all.  His vision impassioned a nation to the core.  Yet, decades later, his work is still more. We are never complete.  Not close to done.  We never will be, until the nation is one.  That table of brotherhood is a elusive and far.  Every day you speak out, is a day we make a start.  So, lift up your voice, in anthem let’s sing.  Of a dream that they couldn’t kill,  dreamed by  Dr. Martin Luther King.

It shouldn’t be such a controversial thing to want justice.  It shouldn’t make you so damn unpopular to speak the truth.  Any mother who buries a child is one mother too many.  But any mother who buries a child needlessly — no matter what — is the biggest tragedy I can think of.
Until I remember that there are people that justify that based on actions and skin color.  And I’m reminded, that that is the biggest tragedy of all. 

To the mountaintops.  To the sky.  To the eyes that have seen the coming of the glory of the Lord.  To the ones that dream of sitting at that table of brotherhood.  To those who want to live in a nation where a man isn’t judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.  To those from Brad Paisley to Bono who sing about one man in the name of love and waking up, Martin Luther.  To those who believe that we will overcome.  To those who dream of being, as Dr King is now, free at last, free at last.  I’m here to tell you, I see you; I hear you;  I’m marching with you.  I may be in middle Tennessee, while you are wherever you are, but know this:  When the world needs a  voice, there I shall go speak.  When the words need written, I will hold the pen.  When the white people need telling, I’m ready and willing for the job.  And I won’t lie, I enjoy it. We SHALL overcome.  And we shall all one day, stand hand in hand, before the glory of the one that made us all — whatever you believe him to be — and shout those words of Dr King almost five decades before, “Free at last, free at last, thank God, almighty,  free at last!”  But there are those that will work, dilligently, in hopes that it won’t take us until then to be able to join together and exclaim that.


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