Oh, look — you traded your neck in for an extra chin. (On group FB pages.)

Look, b-tch, I have neither the time nor the Crayons to explain this to you. And I’d slap you,  but sh*t stains.

The ‘our grandparents were close cousins’ inbred internet version of the Get Along Gang can be severed into two groups:  Those who look like something I would draw with my left hand and those who are so ugly that if my dog had a face like that, I’d shave his butt and make him walk backwards. And in each of those are two divisions of dumb. The “I can eat a bowl of alphabet soup and sh*t out a smarter statement than that” Conservatives,  and the ones that use the entirety of learned vocabulary in an attempt to find enough words to complete a coherently sound sentence. There’s also those that don’t know when to give that hole in their face time to heal by shutting the f*ck up. And if someone on that page wanted to kill themselves,  they could scale the other’s ego and jump to their IQ. And I’m assuming they were all conceived on a highway since that’s where most accidents happen.

If you needed further proof of the existing lack of intelligence, the fact that I can spit out lines from an e-card impromptu and outwit anything those bastards spend the day composing is further proof of where epic failures at life go to die — group Facebook pages.

Hey, love child of Creepy McCreeperson and Sally McStalks, one for the road: Your mama is so fat, that b-tch walked by my tv and I missed three damn shows.

Why don’t you run and check eBay and see if they have a life for sale. Maybe buy your group a couple, no?


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