All in a day’s work, huh? Update on my cyberstalker.

In one day, 913 total views on one blog, with 355 visitors.  127 views on the other. And a letter published in The Tennessean.

Someone’s even tweeting out my blog posts now, which brought 57 Twitter views in. Bless their miserable little hearts. It’s hard to understand how that’s supposed to be interpreted as hate. If you are that obsessed with somebody you hate, you’ve got more issues than any of us can solve. All of this proves my exact point,  I’ve been able to keep the same few under my commandfor years. All I have to do is post and wait.

Silly group site dogs with their bones — they come running. Thanks for the traffic help!

Some of this is just spam now — no way that’s real. I don’t even know people that are that pitiful. Is it even humanly possible? Spam! On this site, not the other. But it’s easy to tell which ones weren’t.

So, thank you, ladies! 


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