I went hard.

Did anybody read the story on the front page of The Tennessean today about the arrest of juveniles in Tennessee. 1,960 children ages 6 to 12 were arrested in Tennessee last year. 6-12!  We have cops gunning down unarmed black men (and a few white ones too) on the street and yet, white people want to excuse that because “he shouldn’t have ran though.”
Overlooking the fact that sometimes the brother is not even running or resisting. I’m not even going to list those examples because I’ve been doing it for years! Guilty or not, that justification is ludicrous because we’re not guilty until a jury of our peers tells us that we are, so allowing cops to play judge, jury and executioner simply because of an aversion to breaking a sweat or an inner power struggle when the cop’s life is not in actual danger is indefensible. But the fact that almost 2,000 children ages 6 to 12 were arrested and cuffed and detained by police in Tennessee last year is appalling, infuriating, and sickening.  But I look at that as something other than policing out of control. Back in the day the cops took you home to your parents who busted your a-s. I’m still not an advocate for spanking, and there’s a difference between discipline and abuse. But I don’t blame what the right-wing want to constantly remind us is the “liberal sissyfing” of parenting, I blame parents for being too selfish and lazy and too busy on their smartphones or watching the reality shows to actually do their damn jobs. Get off Facebook and go take care of your kid. I can stay on Facebook all day if I want,  I don’t have kids!  And guess what,  even without having kids,  I’ve been the go to for a number of people when they need a stand in. And then I can Facebook at night because I still don’t have kids! I’ve spent a decade-and-a-half like that and the babies I care for aren’t even mine. And I’m not even going to pretend that I made my babies listen to their Can can, I didn’t. My tots were feral babies around their Can Can  — just wild! But I was allowed to indulge them because they have parents that make them mind!  But most of my  babies knew — Aunt Candi was the one that got in their butt, the “Uh oh!” disciplinarian.  When you have two at the same time you kind of loosen up a little bit, like whatever! 

Teachers have no discipline at schools, not because of some “liberal agenda” to soften up our kids and turn them all gay, or transgendered, or ensure that they get impregnated by a black guy and have abortions by 16, they’re not allowed to have discipline because of the same type of parents on social media. The same ones that cyber bully me.

And about that — abortion. Many of these anti-abortion activists that have stalked me, marched in the cyber brigades whose sole point of  formation is attacking anything with my name attached,who have screamed about “taking care of their responsibilities” over the years, seem to think that because they crawled in the backseat with the first guy that asked, that every other woman should have to live their life in the confines of their decisions. Like sexual assault isn’t real;  like 90% of abortions in this country are not in the first trimester; like an abortion is not preferably a pill (the same one used in place of a D & C) that induces them, there’s no “chopping up babies,” it’s not a fully-formed human, you twat, it’s an 8-week clump of cells; like one in four women aren’t sexually assaulted on college campuses. And if your idea of Jesus is turning us into a nation where a twelve-year-old — which accounts for 15% of the reported rapes in this country, 15% of rapes, now, are 12-year-old and younger, and yes, 12-year-olds can get pregnant! — if that’s your version of Jesus,  turning us back into a nation where those children are then forced to give birth to their rapist uncle’s baby, I don’t know what Jesus Christ you worship but I don’t want any part of it.  

And you should all get off Facebook and start adopting and fostering children immediately!

Because real life is messy and ugly,  idiot,  and responsible legislation is the application of medical science that acknowledges that.

Back to schools — they’re not allowed to serve as disciplinarians; teachers are not allowed; schools are not allowed, and they can’t control these kids and it’s not because of liberal sissification,  it’s because parents don’t want anyone getting on to little Johnny but them.  Schools don’t know what to do with these children. They have no respect for teachers because they’ve been told at home ” if she says anything to you, you tell me and Mommy will go up there and act ape sh-t on the school for getting on to her little precious flower,”  so they call the police.  We have cops coming  and detaining 6 year olds. 6 year olds!

Which reminds me of one of my bullies, one of the ones that has loved to stalk gossip posts about me on social media over the years, one who always loves to freely contribute her input even though I wouldn’t know that girl if I were standing in front of her at whatever job she’s working this week,  the staunch “conservative” — which I’m just using that word as in place of “still waiting for Barack Obama to come for your guns” — is  the one who started this stink with the school board when her son didn’t get fed lunch in the quiet room. I only read her one time acknowledge that her son shouldn’t have been in the quiet room but, she says, that was their place to deal with. But, she wanted the whole County held responsible for the fact that her son didn’t get served lunch while he was in there.  That was wrong, the school forgot, they should have fed him lunch, they didn’t and they messed up. But I don’t think anybody actually believes they intentionally starved the child.  But let’s keep it real — no kid in this country is gonna emaciate to death because he missed lunch once because he was being a disciplinary problem. My brother got a whopping 3 times a week, and a daily visit to Mr. Fussell’s office and he never got sent to the quiet room. That was for the kids that were really bad!  Maybe with corporal punishment no longer being a thing,  that’s changed and perhaps now the quiet room is a form of paddling and it’s pretty easy to get into, I don’t know.  But Can Can has had a lot of babies over the years (even some that liked to get in trouble at school) and I don’t remember quiet rooms — except once, and I’m pretty sure his dad busted his rear — which is a form of isolation. Therefore I can’t imagine it’s now a go-to of choice for teachers. A safe assumption is that it’s a last resort.

So, I think it’s  blatantly telling to be constantly attacked by these conservatives that talk about liberals ruining everything, and be attacked by the “Sonya is home” crowd. Because the majority of the parents that backed that endeavor super enthusiastically, had either acknowledged being  jailed themselves; were married to to lowlife rednecks obsessed with Obama-hating who evaded financial responsibility and who impregnated multiple women;  those so possessed with an irrational fear that they would someday have their children taken away,  which they seem to view as more of a possession than an independent human being, when they get caught smoking something, snorting something or drinking something with their kids in the car. Or they feared the same over their spouse. And the “Sonya is home” whack jobs on Twitter and Facebook who weren’t local,  even admitted that they’d given their children up for adoption! These people bash adoptive parents and adoptive families for doing the job that birth families wouldn’t do, and they’re not even doing their own damn job. Or doing it well. Because I can tell you what would happened if one of the children in my family got the quiet room, the meal they didn’t eat would be the last of their damn worries. I’d be too damn embarrassed to go on the news and talk about how the county didn’t feed my kid because I would be so ashamed and humiliated that I couldn’t teach my kid how to act right!  Most kids don’t even eat lunch at school they pick at it, they’re too busy talking to worry about eating. I finished my ice cream one time in my entire entire Elementary school existence, because I was busy gabbing and I remember it because I spent every day trying to use my cuteness to lobby five more minutes! 

And some of them are 50-60 year old men that go around attacking single females (and high school students, one who sent me an inbox for defending her) that they don’t even know via social media. It’s a little scary,  it’s so nutty.

I think back to these parents on the Concerned Citizens page freaking out because of the teacher that told the children to “put their butt in the seat” and “I put up with this crap Friday, I’m not putting up with it today.”  Now she shouldn’t have said that, but I think a sane person wonders what the teacher had to put up with! Not these parents. They were ready for a  courthouse hanging. Parents that I went to school with, parents I thought were better people than that or more reasonable than that. People I never would have thought would be so angry over the fact that a teacher told a child to put their butt in a seat. Forgive me, but I don’t remember a teacher at Burns Elementary that didn’t tell us that and I never had a bad teacher in my life. I was shocked at a woman who started a post one day when a teacher told her students they couldn’t use their cell phone in class. I was the only one on the Concerned Citizens page that thought it was outrageous that kids needed cell phones in class anyway. The lady promptly told me the her daughter’s cell phone usage was none of my business, none of the teachers business, and none of my business because I didn’t have kids and I didn’t understand. And that her daughter took her phone to school because she had a migraine and she needed to call her if she got sick , and the teacher had told her she couldn’t use it in class.  I asked the lady what was wrong with going to office to use the phone and apparently that got me ridiculed because that was ridiculous. Dumb, Candi! What she was angry over is that the teacher was allowed to use her phone in class. Why, she asked, was her daughter not able to use her phone but the teacher could. And apparently everybody on the page agreed with her. My response was — because she’s the freaking teacher!

When I was in school, kids weren’t allowed to have chewing gum or a drink in class and I clearly remember that most teachers set up there with a glass of iced tea and a cough drop. I can only imagine what would have happened if we would have went home and asked our parents, “How come Mrs So-and-So can have a drink in class and I can’t?”
They would have said, “I tell you what, you go to college for 4 years, get your teaching degree, and then you can grow up and have all the drinks you want.”

People don’t parent like that anymore.

They say things like “our children are special flowers” (yes, a woman actually said that) and “my son has ADHD” — now, I know ADHD is a very real thing but not every third kid in Dickson County has ADHD. Some people need to get off Facebook and go parent your kids and they won’t end up in trouble. These kids go to school knowing that the teachers are not even allowed to so much as tell them to put their butt in the seat or they’re going to get social media backlash, and parents on group site see to it that little precious flower is exactly right. Teacher will pay!

If you, the same women calling for teachers to burn at the stake, would do your damn job as parents, cops wouldn’t have to be arresting kids between 6 and 12 year olds. 2,000 a year in Tennessee.

Almost every one of these people that cyberbully have children and I have seen them participate in conversations that make me want to scream, jump through the phone and kick their online a-s.
Only unlike them,  I have self respect and a real life,  so I’ve tired of it over the years. I prefer
to kick real a-s.

But no wonder our kids keep getting in trouble at school, look at where they’re learning it from — you.  And the one that will copy and paste this is the one that doesn’t even have her damn kids!

Every time. Talk about a “special” flower.

In my existence on Facebook, 3 of my biggest haters have not even had their own damn kids.
I, like,  Dolly Parton believe that God didn’t allow me to have children (not that I tried) so that all of God’s children could be mine. Like Ashley Judd, I’ve always seen little sense in bringing more children into the world when there’s so many here that need love.  It just amazes me, still, that grown-ups act this way. It makes perfect sense that our children are having to have the cops called on them at 6,  because we’ve got parents too busy stalking somebody online to get off their fat a-s, put the phone down and do their job. Or stop getting drunk long enough to do it properly.

I always drank because I didn’t have kids, anytime I wasn’t was when I was taking care of somebody else’s. Those kids gave me a reason to love myself back when I couldn’t do it just for me.
Most of the online “Sonya is home” stalker people, although they will never admit it, are the kinds of people that walk around so filled with fear that somebody would take their kids away, generally because of their own public failures or their borderline psychotic actions like stalking people through internet and social sites, or usually because of their or their spouses irresponsible parental behavior. Or because they’re usually publicly acting like common f*ck ups, some even doing it most of the time. So possessed with fear to the point of delusion that they could someday get in sooooo much trouble that somebody might take their property — er, their kids — away from them. To warped from reality to realize that the court always favors reunification (look where she is now) and that if you do your damn job and stop being an epic failure at life of a cyberbully,  you wouldn’t have to spend so much time possessed with such fear that you become a psychotic prick stalking people online over their beliefs.  You know, people who actually take care of children that aren’t even theirs, over something like a child that was none of your damn business, abortion or Barack Obama.

We have a problem when kids are having to leave schools in handcuffs and it starts with calling out these sh-tty human beings who torment others and loosely term themselves “parents” who need to get  off gossip sites online and do their damn job.

Too much?

I think perhaps I should turn my local column into a letter for the Tennessean (since they love me so much). I’d love to see the name of a certain Facebook group and their cyber bullying actions called-out in print and read across the state.


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