It’s Tuesday, time for “Christians” to vote Trump!


The evangelicals voters are killing me. Evangelicals are voting for Donald Trump still — even in whacked-out religious states like Indiana — and just tell me what Biblical principle is it that Donald Trump personifies? Because currently, he’s working at a better chance of a camel getting through the eye of a needle than him getting into heaven. Of course they’re not voting on biblical principles, they’re voting off the fact that Donald Trump wants to build a wall we’ve already established he can’t build. There’s parts of the border that are so remote he’d have to build roads to even truck parts of the wall in. Not to mention, Mexico is the second largest export market for the United States.  $30 billion in goods being exported into Mexico in 2015. How are you going to “bring back American jobs” when you start cutting off American jobs because we can’t export the things currently made here? You think  Mexico’s just going to give you a “big, beautiful door” to come through when you wall off their country and violate international treaty by sticking dams in the middle of the Rio Grande?

Evangelicals are voting for Trump based on how he wants to build a wall, and using Jesus Christ as a loosely-based reason to do so, and this man stands up at a Christian college and says “Two Corinthians” and then blames it on the speech writer for writing out the letter “2” and not 2nd,  when anybody who’s ever seen a Bible a day in their life knows if “2” is in front of Corinthians it stands for 2nd.

That’s like a  Sunday school lesson for preschoolers.

Christians wanting to build walls and ignoring this:  Joshua fit the battle round Jericho and the walls came tumbling down. Down, not up.

Then they took the city and murdered every man, woman and child except for a prostitute and her family, but that’s another story. And it’s hard to see the same evangelicals voting for Trump and supposedly using Jesus as their reason, and then wanting to ban Muslims because they think that their God is violent and sick, when… you know, the Bible wasn’t exactly all PG all the time, y’all.

Of course, the “evangelicals” would know that if any of them ever bothered to read it.


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