I go hard on Trump supporters.

I got back in the car a little earlier and I had left the radio on the local station where I was listening to the Cougar game, and, apparently, they talk politics on there now?  But right off I hear a man say that Jeb Bush will be skipping the Republican convention this summer as it becomes increasingly likely that Trump will be nominated at the convention. Well, obviously they don’t follow their election news as primary ballots roll in every Tuesday like this good little Hillary lover, or they would have heard the news that Cruz had just dropped out a few minutes before. So yeah, Trump is going to be the nominee.  But then I hear what is very distinctly my brother’s voice say, “Well,  it looks like Trump did the Republican party a favor cause he got rid of the Bushes!”

I had to turn it off. I mean, I seriously punched the radio dial and I’m sick at my stomach.

Now my brother was laughing and he was clearly joking, but you know, I just haven’t found anything to joke about over Trump since he made fun of physically disabled people.

I’m certainly not a fan of the Bushes and if you ask me to pick apart George W Bush’s Administration — particularly their response, or lack thereof,  to the threat from Al-Qaeda or the fact that they downgraded our nation’s only counterterrorism expert, one who had served under five presidential administrations in the eight months prior to the 9/11 attacks  — or you need condemnation for the invasion of the wrong damn country and the 6,700 American lives that were lost in the war we shouldn’t be in, I can do that.
Although it is not as simplistic as Donald Trump makes it out to be nor does he know a damn thing about how to win the war on terror. Nor does a self-centered, misogynistic, rambling, intellectually dented, self-serving bastard like him who speaks on a 3rd grade level even care. But I can also point out that if you think that George W Bush was the mastermind behind any of that, then you’re probably a Trump supporter. I despise Dick Cheney.  I despise the Bush Administration, but I think the Bushes are kind, good people.

George W bush was nothing more than a puppet with a famous name used to win an election for the RNC.  He’s a puppet — the same as Sarah Palin or Carly Fiorina. The Republican party trouts out women because they think that after Hillary Clinton lost the primary to Barack Obama, that they’ll just all rush right over to the red side because they put out a female, yet they accuse strong, intelligent, competent women, women who have actually won elections, of playing the “woman card.”  They clearly didn’t pick an educated, intelligent, an established female because they wanted one they can control — which is exactly what George W was. Just like Carly Fiorina got the idea to be in politics because she was a front-runner in the selection process for McCain’s running mate and not because she wasn’t smart, she is  — but because she didn’t know anything about politics.  She never even voted for two decades! Dick Cheney was the brains behind the botched Bush Administration. And it’s sad that his disastrous administration has tainted a legacy attached to HW,  because even though Bill Clinton SOUNDLY kicked his butt out of the White House in a defeat that was just nasty, he’s a good, decent man. I’m certainly no fan of the Bushes’ presidency. But at this point, I can’t even tolerate jokes that Donald Trump would be preferable over somebody like Jeb. (Although Jeb’s introduction of proposed tax cut legislation that mimiced George W’s was scary.)

Look, people who clearly don’t understand how the government works, we don’t need a “business leader.”   What kind of deals do you think the president makes? Seriously, what the hell kind of “deals” do you think the president makes?  The president can’t even ratify a treaty without the Senate. And when the Republicans were still in their  “make Obama a one-term president” mode,  they would not even allow Obama to enter into a global agreement that was similar to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Even though Bob Dole,  war hero and former Republican presidential candidate,  came to the Senate and begged them to not let their hate for Obama get in the way of this agreement. They did it anyway. They blocked him. From helping people with disabilities.

The president is not a dealmaker. The president can’t do anything without the Senate. He’s not the CEO of America. This is a country, not a company, you jackasses!  Stop watching reality television starring ego maniacs like Trump and take out a textbook.

In that situation room; the negotiations that led up to the Iran nuclear agreement;  in deciding whether or not to take the risk and go in after bin Laden; when we were attacked on our homeland on 9/11, do you really think we need a “business leader,” a CEO? Do you think in the most catastrophic situations known to a nation, those involving natural disasters and human casualties,  we need somebody who could lay off 150,000 employees and still find a way to keep a multimillion-dollar bonus package for themselves? That’s the skill-set you think they need? Of course not, a-sholes! We needed a leader.

The president is not a businessman;  a “dealmaker” filing bankruptcy four times and dabbling in extortion.  He’s not a “dealmaker.” Whatever the hell that is.  To put it in terms Trump supporters can understand, he’s, like, the principal of America.  He’s the face that we see when we’re in trouble. He’s the one who calms the nation; the one who responds with facts and reason and compassion. He’s strength and dignity. He stands tall and strong. The one who reassures us;  fights for us;  encourages us. Not the one who stands up and scares the sh*t out of us with fear mongering.

The president’s response is what leads America’s response.  When we’re attacked, when we’re in trouble, when we’re scared, when we need encouragement — that’s what the president does. When we’re facing a global crisis like Ebola, does he scare us with rhetoric or does he actually study science and hug people like nurse Nina Pham. He’s in charge of — or leads, rather — the most mature decision known to mankind — whether or not we go to war. And he serves as the global representation of the greatest country on earth, the United States of America. And I do not want that orange face bafoon as the face of my nation.

And I can’t even tolerate jokes about Donald Trump. Not even from Hillary Clinton supporters like my bro. My brother, lol, is the one that told me about the island in Canada  that I could move to if Trump got elected. I went home and looked it up because I thought it was funny, but I  responded the same as I always do. In that, I would never abandon my nation when they needed me most. I’m not like the people that said they would move to Canada if Obama got elected. I offered to help those jackas-es pack. My response is that I will sell everything I own and move to the crack side  of DC (since that’s the only thing I’d be able to afford
in D.C.), and lobby the capitol to work for the healing of my nation, because we would clearly need if Donald Trump got elected. But  my response is the same as it was when people told me to get ready for Obama to lose.

This:  I have faith in my country. I trust my country. I believe in the American people more than that. And I can say this with confidence, that man is not going to be my leader.

Get ready to say “Madam president,”  y’all.  And to the guys, particularly the ones in the military, that go around calling Hillary Clinton things like a b*tch online — hear this.  That b*tch is about to be your boss, hoss.

And it’s sickening to see Donald Trump exploit the same truth that the Democratic party has been telling you for decades — that the RNC doesn’t care about you. But see people suddenly listen because it comes wrapped in a package of a serial philanderer billionaire who makes loud, sexist, racist generalizations. Hell, Donald Trump was a fan of wishing people “happy holidays” and a “happy holiday season” every December 25th on his Twitter until he decided to run for president and pretend that there was a “war on Christmas” and he wanted to lead the fight against it.People, including the Republican establishment, aren’t afraid of Trump because of all the “self-funded” change he’ll make, they’re afraid of Trump because he’s scary and nauseatingly unqualified. And it’s cute that you think a billionaire who’s never done a philanthropic thing a day in his miserable privileged life cares about you.

He cares about his ego and he’s just playing you to do it.

Grow up, people.


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