Title IX and the Tennessean.

Again, let me get this straight. Anita Wadhwani’s complaint is that the University of Tennessee provided counsel for athletes in campus hearings. Title IX is flawed in certain aspects because it demands that campuses hold hearings on sexual assault separate from the police department and universities are not trained or equipped to do this. Neither is the burden of proof very high in them. Part of the “unfair treatment” alleged by the lawsuit and now The Tennessean, is that the athletes were provided with counsel.

The Tennesssean printed the first two letters I ever sent them, but not the third.  Which was in defense of the University of Tennessee. In Sunday’s edition, the front page was lauding Vanderbilt’s Chancellor
and, in the same paper, included a letter from someone praising the victims in the University of Tennessee lawsuit for coming forward. I think that’s suspect. I don’t think The Tennessean, at this point, is making an attempt to hide their bias. There’s also this: There’s 8 women  involved in the University of Tennessee lawsuit. There’s only one pending criminal trial. 7 others include women that willingly did not go to the police or were turned down by the police who neglected to press charges after they found no evidence. It’s civil litigation. Yet, The Tennessean is alleging through the tone of their meticulous repetition that all males involved are guilty of sexual assault. Yet seven of the cases are not even attached to criminal charges. Frustrating, to say the least.


Look at the noticeable and distinct difference in the wording of coverage below.



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