Trumpster Fire.

Like rain quenching the needs of a thirsty field, Donald Trump came along and gave the Republican base exactly what it has been begging for — someone to publicly express a sentiment which had been implied and hinted at for nearly a decade.  The assertion that Barack Obama wasn’t a legitimate president;  therefore, it was okay to stand up and publicly claim your desire to do everything in your power to ensure that he failed. Overlooking the fact that if the president of the United States fails, America fails. The newly embraced sentiment was that it was okay to hate him more than you love your own nation. The racially-charged voter identification laws; deciding whether or not someone on food stamps could purchase steak; politicians like Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee who can’t resist insulting the president every time a camera was in front of her face, lecturing the Harvard-educated Constitutional scholar that resides in the White House how  “unconstitutional” his actions are while merely holding a home economics degree of her own.

Every time the Republican Party didn’t stand up and say, you don’t have to like the president but we should at least respect him;  every time they didn’t push back at Donald Trump for continously claiming that Barack Obama was born in Kenya; every time they courted it to appeal to voters; every time they tweeted pictures of their hand guns in response to a mass shooting like it was ok to celebrate mass casualty simply because it meant you were sticking it to the black president,  they created the mess that they now seem to be so shocked and baffled by.

Donald Trump kicked racism up a notch. Kicked up the unspoken sexism and denied attacks on women and women’s rights that have stood as the base of the Republican party for so long to undeniable levels. Now that same establishment wants to feign shock by this.

If the GOP truly wants to save their party, they will quit pretending that the honorable thing is to elect Donald Trump simply because he’s better than Hillary Clinton — the assessment by flawed perception. So enraged by the alternative, that they’re willing to elect a man that they themselves have been fundamentally opposed to from the start. They are willing to facilitate a Trump presidency based solely on opposition to a woman who Michael Steele, former RNC chair, made clear on  national television has been the target of Republican hate since 1992.

You have to ask yourself why that is.  Why a woman who held no public office at that time, and was simply the nation’s First Lady was the main target of Republican hate — not the president. The Fist Lady.  Could it be that they fear Hillary Clinton because they know Hillary Clinton? It tells the degree to which Hillary Clinton can potentially shred everything in which they wish to impose on the American people: tax cuts for the wealthy, the bidding of the Koch brothers, suppression of women and minorities.

If the Republican party genuinely wants to resurrect itself from the grave, they can stand up and refuse to go along with their party’s choice to nominate a morally bankrupt and nauseatingly unqualified man like Donald Trump. They can refuse to lend their support and they can outright refuse to endorse Mr. Trump.

Otherwise, every time they pretend to suddenly find redeeming qualities in a man they have spent the last near year fighting, they prove exactly why their party is in the shape that it is in:  It has no integrity, it has no backbone and it has zero principle. 

Let Donald Trump set it ablaze,  refuse to add gasoline to that sad dumpster fire by participating in party leader endorsements, and let it burn to the ground.  Then maybe once you assess the damage, you can build anew.

If not, RIP GOP. And good riddance.


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