Pushback on Nathan Bedford Forrest is silly.

I gotta say I’m appalled to continuously read the same arguments that state things like,”Well, all of our Founders owned slaves so if we get rid of
Andrew Jackson, we have to get rid of George Washington.”

That’s true to some extent until you look at the fact that we’re continuously choosing the face of the sickest one. Andrew Jackson perpetrated the slaughter of Native Americans and denied the Supreme Court to do so.

In case you’re confused about that, that was not a GOOD thing.

Or they make claims like, “Yeah, but it doesn’t matter that Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first Grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. That KKK was different than the other KKK.”

Never stopping to look at the fact that there’s a reason we glorify  certain historical figures over others. Because they were the face of atrocities committed against racial minorities and that’s the connection to them.  Tennesseans aren’t holding on to Andrew Jackson because he’s from Tennessee. So was Andrew Johnson and nobody wants to claim him. They aren’t holding on to Nathan Bedford Forrest simply because he was a Tennessean,  they’re holding on to it because the association tied to him, which was the reason he was honored in the first place:  the Confederacy and the massacre of African Americans.

Who cares if he was a Tennessean — so is Pat Summit. Let’s stick her statue at the state capitol.

I’m sick of these women that say things like, “Well… in his later life, Nathan Bedford Forrest kissed a black woman on the cheek publicly and he was kind to black people.”

Oh, you mean after he slaughtered them for being black in massacres like Fort Pillow? Or after he made wealth as THE slave trader of our region?

Really? A kiss on the cheek? They used to rape their slaves, lady. They raped and impregnated their female slaves for generations.and then because Nathan Bedford Forrest in his later years, when he could no longer sell them, publicly kissed a black woman on the cheek — we’re supposed to forget about the war crimes he committed? The sins against mankind?

I’m sick of reading pushback from people that don’t take the time, or do not have the ability, to see that people are not holding on so hard in states like Tennessee with the way we’re holding on to Bedford Forrest because he “was our most prominent citizen.”  But because of the reason that he was placed on a pedestal in the first place:  to honor the Confederacy.

This is not difficult,  people.


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