Hey, fellow white people: STOP it with the “all lives matter” sh*t.


Earlier when I was in town, I saw a sticker on the back of a car that read: “Blue (police) Lives Matter!”

I just thought that was unnecessarily hateful. Here’s why:  Of course police lives matter! Nobody said they didn’t. And society has never, not once, suggested otherwise. Of course police officers matter!  In fact, when have they not? If I killed a police officer right now (of course I would never kill anybody) I would spend the rest of my natural life in prison. And there’s a good chance I’d get the needle.

The point, however, is if I kill an unarmed black man or black child (Trayvon Martin), odds are in my favor that I won’t face charges, and if I do — a great chance of acquittal. And if an officer kills an unarmed black man — or child, Tamir Rice — there’s an even better chance a  grand jury (even a jury) or a district attorney will find a reason to believe that that black man deserved it.

Hence black lives matter. Because our criminal justice and court system keeps implying that they don’t.

“Black Lives Matter!” simply means black lives (do) matter, white people!

If you can’t hear anything in that exclamation but the exclusion of your race or your profession, you prove exactly why it and the movement was needed in the first place. Black people are literally saying “stop killing us unarmed” and some white people are saying, “But…”



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