Re: Parenting key to raising non violent youth.

When I read a letter that appeared in Monday’s paper, instinctively, I knew it was penned by the same man who recently authored an op-ed. More condescension from a doctor who has spent his life writing scripts to eradicate strep throat who has now turned into resident single mother shamer. Most of his words leave me hollering, “Give me a break!” Lots of single mothers raise successful children (see: Barack Obama) and plenty of stable, two parent households turn out children who visit a member of Dr. Donahue’s profession who over prescribe substances that leave them hooked following their initial uses. Addiction isn’t as simple as always eating at the dinner table as the Dr prescribes in his blog. Children don’t always turn to crime because their mother was promiscuous — as suggested in his op-ed — or because they lack character, but often because they lack opportunity. And because they are suffering from addiction. And women don’t always parent solo by choice, but because they had no other option. The day we smash the moral superiority and condescension is the day we might move closer to helping those the doctor claims to care about — the sect of society who needs us most.

My mother is a hero who raised two children without a cent of child support.  No mother needs to be told to “find a male” for her son. I assure you, she is painfully aware of her inadequacy in that area and doing everything to remedy it.

Dr. Donahue’s recent submissions:


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