Here’s what I think about that senior “prank.” It’s bullshit!

Do you remember when I wrote the letter blasting Dickson County for doing things like charging my ex-friend (I say ex because when he relapsed into addiction, he lost his right to be in my life) with homicide because the girl’s parents couldn’t accept that she was a drug addict? I specifically stated that Dickson should be more concerned with the fact that we live in a town where justice/ punishment is determined based on the Haves and not the Have Nots, and less concerned about whether or not two gay people can legally will their estate to each other when they die. And what the hell do you think happened at the high school just now? I just tore the Dickson County Herald’s Twitter up and I don’t care which parents get pissed off about it. If any other child had done that to the high school, they would be charged with vandalism. Not only are they not being arrested, they get to “work off” the right to walk the hill. Meanwhile my friend is still sitting in jail where they went after him on a form of murder charges for providing beer for a 19 year old woman when she mixed it with pills she was taking to get her off opiate addiction while living in a halfway house — and all because her parents couldn’t accept that she was a drug addict. They (the Dickson Co. District Atty’s Office) didn’t even want to mention the drugs she was taking in court.  Why? Because he comes from nothing and he’s never had anybody — other than me and a grandmother that cared about or believed in him — and they decided he had nobody to fight for him. So he was railroaded.

We should all be concerned about a county that functions like this. A belief that all men were created equal? Pffft. No, not so much in the eyes of the Dickson County criminal justice system.

And if your lineage is truly impressive, you can avoid criminal proceedings at all!

Even with blatant vandalism.

If you’re wealthy, or I’ll just say it, a white boy — it’s not vandalism, it’s a good ole “boys will be boys” prank.

That’s bullshit.

Even if your father is one of my absolute favorites.

Ever wonder what becomes of privileged, undisciplined kids? This:


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