Better get your boy, Berniebots.

I pulled up beside the Bernie lady at the gas station — and, of course, I’m the Hillary lady — and I’m like,” You better calm your boy, girl. He’s getting crazy.”


I’ve always been a fan of Senator Sanders — until this campaign. He’s consistently impugned the integrity of my beloved Democratic party since day one and I don’t take that lightly. We are the party that saved the nation during the Great Depression. We are the party that bought the country desegregation. We are the party that integrated the troops under Harry Truman. We are the party that brought the country the Affordable Care Act; family medical leave; paid vacation; overtime. We are the party that gave this country social programs that the elderly depend on like Social Security and Medicare. If there’s anybody that truly believes that the current Republican Party emulates the party of Abraham Lincoln, then I guess you should go on and vote for Donald Trump because you prove that you are truly ignorant with regards to our nation’s political history. And who it is that has always stood on the right side of that history.

Bernie has been insulting that time after time and seemingly, increasingly, doing the right-wing’s unfounded attacks for them during this campaign. And now — erh my gawd! — Bernie’s taking this a step further. He’s become like Kanye West — if it can’t be about him, he’s going to burn the damn thing down.

Insinuating and implying, not so subtly, that the only states that aren’t “rigged” are the ones, coincidentally, in which Bernie was victorious. Too big of a sore loser to even acknowledge that the reason Bernie isn’t winning is simply because more democratic voters preferred Hillary than they did him. Any movement that begins to tell you that they are the only answer, that they are the only way to make change, becomes less of a “movement” and more of a cult.

Now, Bernie’s even got a New York Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson comparing him to Martin Luther King Jr on Twitter. Are you kidding me with this, Bernie Bots? Dr. King fought for his truth until they executed him on that balcony in Memphis.  Bernie still can’t even tell his followers — and that’s what they are, they’re not voters, scarily enough, they’re followers — the truth to save his political life. Or, even, his campaign.

And the truth is this:  Bernie has just lost this primary. The end. Full stop.  And that in Bernie’s 25 years in Congress, he’s never been able to do any of the things that he’s proposing as president. Not only has he not been able to do them — never even had
minimal success with his proposal — he’s sadly mistaken and dishonest about the cost of those proposals in the first place. Bernie has convinced his followers that he’s the only one that stands for truth, he’s the only way, and if it can’t be Bernie, then we’re screwed. That’s dangerous. It’s not only dangerous, it’s selfish. And it’s damn sure not leadership.

Bernie supporters talk about how bold he is, but he doesn’t even have the balls to stand up and accept that, even though he fought his heart out, he lost.  He just lost! Do you know what took balls? When Hillary Clinton, one half of the most powerful political machine in Washington,  was defeated when those same voters chose a black guy with a funny name that nobody had ever heard of over her. In fact, by some estimations, Hillary actually had the popular vote over Barack Obama. But what did she do? She took two days to cry about it, and then she came out and not only publicly endorsed Barack Obama, but worked like hell to help put him in the White House.

That is leadership.  That is balls.  And that is willing to suck it the hell up and do the best thing for the country — which Bernie is lacking.

If Senator Sanders wants to get back in my good graces, he needs to start being honest about the fact that when he shared a senate seat with Hillary Clinton, 93% of the time they voted the same way. He doesn’t want you to know that. He wants you to believe that Hillary is actually doing the bidding of her campaign investors, even though he is absent the proof of that every single time he’s alleged it. He wants you to believe that because Hillary Clinton was paid to give speeches as a private citizen, that that’s supposed to affect her choices when she holds public office. Even though her record proves wholeheartedly that it never has.  I’m supposed to give a fudge that Hillary Clinton got paid to talk?  If I could get somebody to give me $600,000 for yakking, I’d do it too. Bernie sticks with that because it’s all he’s got.  Even in the face of the fact that Hillary has never once changed a vote to reflect those donations, he sticks to it because he certainly doesn’t want you to look at his ineffective record as a senator. That’s the truth that Bernie won’t tell you. That’s the truth he doesn’t want you to see.  And that’s the truth that over 3 million more democratic voters saw when they chose Hillary over him, and he won’t even acknowledge that fact.

At this point, it’s become less of a talking point for Bernie and more like something of a resentment. Like maybe Bernie is mad that nobody would pay him that much to speak.  For somebody that loves to gab,  he’s certainly angry that others, while being a private citizen, made a living at it.

Who knows Senator Sanders’ motivation at this point – – it’s certainly not the best thing for the country. I just know Bernie has lost a lot of credibility among people that started out being on the fence over his candidacy and over preferring Clinton to him. His “movement” is beginning to mimic Trump’s in that it’s completely unrealistic.  And although he doesn’t  blatantly outright lie like Donald Trump, he’s still not telling the truth — and it’s dangerous. Not because it’s going to explode the system that we have, but because change within the system that we do have is the only way we’ve ever gotten anything done. A movement, a
revolution, doesn’t work if it fails at the ballot box. You can’t change things unless you hold office. And a willingness to aide a Trump presidency, although he very publicly states the opposite, is not a revolution —  it’s ridiculous.

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2 thoughts on “Better get your boy, Berniebots.

  1. You didn’t even proof read this article that if I asked my 14 year old cousin to write a better one, he could! He wouldn’t fill it with anecdotal evidence and misspelled words at least. Good luck wallowing in your own ignorance.

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