I see you, stalkers!

As soon as I posted that last post on Facebook, there were three search engine referrers to my blog (meaning people who aren’t my Facebook friends wanted to see what I wrote). These cyber stalkers need counseling. Do they not get tired of me being so important in their lives?

It’s a little game I play where I post certain words — like “stalker” “Trump” and “I love black people!” — and I know that there will be the same three that come running every time.

Yep, same three. “Encrypted” search terms. Like I don’t know who the f*ck you are.

In a matter of seconds.

These people are so pitiful. I still I
own them. They get unfriended — or at least one — on my Facebook and they still sit around and wait to read my words! Ha!

That’s powerful.

Another I don’t care enough to even unfriend because I like the fact that they prove how pathetic they are every day that they read the words that I write and pass them on.

In the words of a black lady I heard in a movie once, “Y’all motherf–kers need Jesus.”


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