On Drug Addiction and Dickson County.

Also, on drug addiction — allow me to say this: I am sorry, truly, if you lost a loved one or, God forbid, a child to drug addiction. I really am. I can’t imagine the pain. I can only say that the fact that you are not alone in standing over the grave of someone gone too soon due to alcoholism and addiction, is why no matter what you inbox me, it will never stop me from saying this:  every addict and alcoholic is someone’s child too. If they didn’t die yet, it’s only because they’ve been given a temporary reprieve. Your loved one matters no more to me than the next person that deserves to be saved. What Dickson County did in the case my former friend was wrong. Waiting a year to come back and charge him, after initially charging him with the correct charge, to pacify those angry over the existence of addiction is wrong. What small towns all across America are doing is wrong: the shaming and stigmatizing of addiction and alcoholism so as to perpetuate the myth that good boys and girls will not try alcohol or drugs. They do. And they’re dying. The day that we stop silencing it and start speaking about it, is a day we might save some. Do not come for me on this. I will never be quiet over it. Never. Your loved one is not more important than any of ours. We’ve got to get open and honest about this if we’re going to solve it.


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