Dickson Scene Facebook Stalkers: Back at it.

So, the troll faced skunkface that stalks me (Misty Mahan Dantico), the fat ass psycho couple that I don’t even know (the Woodards?), the drunk rebel flag flyer, the white trash ammunition hoarder, or the limited intelligence, married yet obsessed with me big rig Bubba just shared my Dollar Store post on Facebook so they can gossip about me.

1. Does ugly girl not get that every time her and her inbred, internet version of the Get Along Gang route traffic to my blog site they’re doing me a favor.

2. That every time one of her pathetic pals tap into my site they draw attention to the post that she reported me to Facebook about to get taken down so that more people can read them?

And finally, AGAIN, for the upteenth time…

3. I am still living rent-free in your head and you are waiting for every word that I write, bitch! I win, you damn dog butt for a face.

I am that skank sandwich of a gossip group’s sole source of entertainment and I feel really, really, reeeeally bad for their children.

Can you imagine having parents that are that big of a loser?

Btw, when I called her a troll face I don’t mean, like, internet troll. I mean she looks like those butt ugly things that I used to collect in the ninth grade.

The cyberstalkers had shared my last post before I even made it home from the Dollar store. I can’t tell you the level of awesome I am to have people that hate you to that degree . They are obsessed with me! Man, I am even better than I thought!! Yet, that skankcake never shares THIS kind of truth nugget.


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